You are secure with them or are they secure with you?

That’s a trick question you must ask yourself if you haven’t! Being around with pets is an awesome journey. You get to explore different moods for all different hours and majorly you are living like the life of a child with them. And that’s the biggest reason why dogs are loved so much. They allow you to go back to your childhood lifestyle and live that carefree life again.

But, are you also allowing them to live the way they desire? Or you are being protective of him? Or your pet is being overprotective to you?

Let’s find out who owns more share of the protection against whom.

When you bring a puppy home, you become a parent to them instead of just being the owner. It is a responsibility more than an authority. The love that you give, the care that you provide, the food that you offer, the training that you work on, the playtime that you divert, and most importantly the love without expectations that you give; makes you a gem for your pet and creates a bond from your side towards your pet.

It’s a directly proportional equation; the more precious a thing is to you the more protective you become towards it.

Let’s find out if your dog is Concerned and Protective or Anxious and Over-Protective.

Analyze its general behavior; observe him in situations where other animals and people are surrounded by you. If he constantly freaks out, barks growl at everyone who is trying to reach you. Then he is being over-protective towards you.

Causes of being over-protective

  • Training – Many a time while your dog is in training period you overlook some behavior changes while focusing on teaching something. But that should be avoided. While training you must let your dog meet different animals and people to you and to him as well.
  • Socialization – You must start at the earliest to socialize your pet. The more you teach him to be good and well-behaved with others is more you actually train them to be better pets even while no one is watching. Those who keep their pet away from people face major behavior changes of their pets at a later stage.
  • Past Experience – There are times when you adopt a pet and he has been treated in bad and worst situations which have fixed a bad persona for people in his psychology. And in regards to your love, he does not want to lose you and is afraid of other people harming you and him both. 
  • Attention – Some dogs are smarter than others. They understand the body language of other people and bark or growl intentionally to have treats or perks. Majorly happens when a pet has been pre-introduced with the person and he has treated him with some kinds of perks already previously. 

How to handle an over-protective dog?

  • Start socializing with your dog and make him meet people.
  • Give him a treat when he is being obedient to you.
  • Take him to a canine behaviorist.
  • Take him obedience training center.

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How to Improve your Relationship with a Pet?

  • Have a training session in every few days.
  • Play with your dog frequently in a day.
  • Keep giving grooming sessions or massages from time to time.
  • Start correcting aggressive behavior as you see.
  • Keep your dog in touch and around when he feels anxious or is upset.
  • Keep a schedule fixed for him.
  • Keep promoting healthy eating habits
  • Always take him out for walks and other activities.