As the saying goes- Human actions can be modified to an extent, but human nature cannot be changed. The same goes for dogs and barking. For dogs, barking is a prominent medium to express their emotions. Barking is their inbuilt nature therefore; you shouldn’t expect your dog to never bark. Well, barking is normal activity for dogs and that’s not something to be extremely worried about unless you witness your dog barking incessantly.

So, how to stop your dog from barking excessively? Hence, before landing on a solution, let us first jump to a question that why do they bark?

Why Do Dogs Bark?

  • When dogs bark aggressively it’s actually fear-based or anxiousness.
  • Dogs bark when they want something from you – food, toy or some of your time perhaps.
  • They bark to signify that they want to play.
  • Dogs bark when they are excited about something that just happened.
  • There are certain trigger points of every dog. Generally, dogs also bark when they get alarmed. They bark even when they hear the doorbell.
  • Dogs bark when they want something, it is called demand barking which is usually shorter.
  • Often, dogs bark when they are frustrated or bored so that they get some attention.

Now, when we have traced the reasons why dogs bark, we have a clear idea to understand the ways to stop them from doing so. Here’s a rundown of techniques that will help you to stop your stop from barking excessively.

Incorporate More Exercise

A tired dog is a quiet dog. This is true because your dog doesn’t bark incessantly when he gets adequate mental and physical stimulation. Pet parents generally get tired after being all day on toes, that’s what you need to do with your pup. Keep your pet active mentally and physically and to boost that, ensure to include more strenuous exercise in his routine. This will consume your dog’s extra energy and make him tired enough to not bark.

Keep Your Dog Engaged In Activities

Just as kids cry out of the blues and we have to do something to distract and calm them, dogs also bark out of boredom or frustration. All you need to do is keep your dog busy in some activities so that he doesn’t bark as if he’s ranting. Take your pooch for a walk or play with him in the nearby garden as this will stop him from barking. You can also give him his favorite toy to play.

Train Your Dog

Training your dog to change their default nature is a gnarly task. However, it can surely be achieved with patience and by implementing techniques that work best for your poodle. Teach ‘quiet’ command to your dog. At any time your dog starts barking excessively, command him to stay quiet and praise him for obeying by offering a treat. Besides, ask your dog to do something that inhibits him from barking. In hindsight, distract him from barking by commanding to do some other action such as – go to your place or sit down.

Remove Things That Trigger Barking

One of the major reasons why dogs bark is territorial. Firstly, ensure to make your home dog-friendly. When you’re well aware of the stimulus that instigates your dog to bark, at first, consider keeping those things away from their sight. Then start keeping the stimulus a little close and observe your dog’s reaction. Give him a treat if he doesn’t bark. Continue this process until your dog becomes really comfortable with the process.

The debarking process is very controversial for dogs. So, make sure that you offer treats to your dog time and when they progress in controlling their bark. Moreover, also remember the fact that debarking doesn’t take away the dog’s ability to bark, it just makes it sound quieter.

Furthermore, there are few things that you need to keep in mind while training your dog or at the time of dealing with his barking.

  • Ensure not to yell at your dog to be quiet- it may sound like you’re barking along with them.
  • Be patient and keep your training sessions positive.
  • Be consistent as the debarking procedure takes time.

Above all the other points, it is imperative for pet parents to know that excessive barking is a behavioral issue in dogs. Sometimes, dogs bark more when they get nervous or anxious while dealing with the stimulus. So, you can give DAP collar for dogs to help control or prevent fear related signs. There is also DAP Spray for dogs to calm him down and help him stop stress-related behavior which will in turn, stop your dog from barking. Last but not least, immediately consult your vet or veterinary behaviorist to get your dog to stop barking.