Quite intriguing and happening when your pet is with you enjoying the fun of Christmas carols, and you happily singing those carols.

But Christmas is not only about the carols, but a lot more to enjoy on a platter with those funky festoons; Christmas tree, cakes, chocolates, wine, huge feasts, decorations, and lavish parties.

And, into all these, sometimes, you miss caring about your pet that can be susceptible to Christmas dangers, which are quite common during the festive time.


Christmas tree

Don’t be clumsy while installing the Christmas tree. Ensure that you anchor your Christmas tree properly to avoid accidents.

Lights & Danglers

Avoid decorating at the base of the tree, either with festoons or lights. This will not encourage your dog to pull that loose stuff or get enticed to lights or danglers.



Glittery Christmas decorations, dangling, sparkling ornaments and silver icicle strands or tinsel are the things that dogs usually get attracted to playing or eating it. This can lead to vomiting or choking. Therefore, these decorative items and ornaments should be kept out of reach from your furry pal.


Lit candles are quite dangerous as they can easily be knocked down causing fires or burns. Using LED candles that are flameless is a better option and turns out to be harmless for your pet too.



The most popular Christmas treat – chocolates are also loved by your furry friend. But it’s extremely poisonous for your pet. Watch out that your pet is not around chocolates and take care that your guests are well aware of this fact and they don’t treat them with their chocolate treats.


Who won’t love to have that drowsy trance feeling? Dogs too would love to get a sip of alcohol if you or anyone forgot a glass on the table. Alcohol and pets don’t go together. Therefore, keeping the bottles or glasses out of reach is the wisest choice.

Table Scraps

Usually, guests love to feed furry hosts with the leftovers or some tit-bits from their plate, which can turn out to be dangerous. Table scraps can cause harmful conditions such as pancreatitis. So, either guide your guests not to serve table scraps to your furry pal or keep your doggie on a leash and far from the dining room until the meal is over. Or better, you could feed him with dog food during the feast.


Cooked bones turn out to be quite dangerous as they are easily splintered and can cause dental issues and internal perforations. Avoid throwing those chicken bones at your dog. Moreover, educate your guests about the same.


Nigh Walks

Evening jogs in the December Snow with your pooch is quite exhilarating and a great activity. But walking through the darkness can present a number of challenges. The most common and dangerous issue is that during the night, people driving cars won’t be able to see you or your dog. Therefore, it is better to make your dog and yourself visible. You can use reflectors on your dog’s collar, especially during night walks. Moreover, to stay on the safer side, shift your evening walks to the morning half.

Christmas is the most happening time of the year for the whole family. Keep everyone including your furry pals on your Christmas safe list this year following the above crucial safety tips for pets. It takes courage, love and care for sharing your home with a furry loved one and we admire this and support you into this through our affordable pet supplies.  We hope and wish you all have a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.

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—–Happy Holidays from PetCareSupplies!—–