Puppy training is one of the most beautiful chapters in a pet parent’s life. Moreover, the joy of teaching your little puppy how to walk on leash adds value to your pet parenting experience. Such an exercise helps in fostering a strong connection between the master and his little pup.

When it comes to introducing your pup to walk on a leash, patience is the key element, which determines the success of your plan.


A right approach to get your dog walking on leash is the pre-requisite for success in this regard. If the activity creates a positive experience in the mind of your little pup, it would enable him to react positively to different pet parent rituals while growing up.

Follow the Below Steps and Enjoy Walking with Your Pup Side by Side

Start Slowly! Get Your Basics Right

The success of this program depends upon your pup’s behavior when he is accustomed to wear the collar attached with a leash. The first thing you need to do as a pet parent is to select an appropriate collar and leash for your pet.

Get Your Dog Familiar With The Collar And Leash

This includes creating a positive experience in the mind of your pet regarding the collar and leash. To make this happen, tie the collar to your dog’s neck during his mealtime. Whenever food is introduced to his plate, make him wear this stuff so as to remind him of the treats associated with the collar and leash.

Do remember to have patience while doing the above activity. In any case, your pet should not carry any negative experience related with the collar.

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Start With Few Steps

Once your dog forms a comfortable association with the collar attached to a leash go for a short walk. The initial walk should consist of limited steps. Increase the distance slowly. After initial hiccups your puppy will walk with you like a close comrade.

Walking with your little puppy has its own charm. The joy of seeing your little pup walking with his cute paws is something which cannot be expressed in words. Do care of the basics while starting this ritual and enjoy your puppy’s cute walking.