Like all animals, cats are also human-friendly and they like to spend time with humans. Having a cat can mean different things to different people. Some might like to have a cat to remove their stress and enjoy playing with it after office or someone might like the cat to share some feelings or love for the animal. But keeping the cat is not an easy task and hence it needs more attention. The diseases of cats are totally different from those happen in human. One of the common infections occur in the cat is roundworms. One of the common infection occur in the cat is roundworms. Roundworm infection is hard to identify, treat and therefore to prevent in cats, it’s good to have knowledge of it.

Roundworms in cats

How To Identify Roundworms In Cats?

Roundworms are intentional parasites and are common in cats and there are different types of common and uncommon roundworms in cats and they all have a different life cycle and life stages. There are two types of roundworms generally; one is Toxocara cati and toxascaris leonina:

How To Identify Taxocara Cati?

Taxocara Cati or feline roundworms are the most common nematodes in cats. Localized in the gut of the adult cat, it generates infection, so-called toxocariasis and is usually asymptomatic.

Life Cycle Toxocara Cat

Detection Method In Cat:

Taxocara cati can be identified through the behavior of a cat. It includes fear towards human; eyewitness account can be imperative and enough to identify if any roundworms in cat or not. The second method of identifying this worm is transacted studies. It is the way where you walk along transect, spotting animals and understand and notice the unusual behavior of the cat. Transact study needs suspicion of infection in order to implement it.

Treatment and Prevention of Taxocara Cati Roundworms:

Fecal flotation is an effective process of identifying roundworm egg. You can do this by the sample of stool or vomit of the cat. You can prevent or avoid roundworms by providing a hygienic environment for the cat and their kittens if the cat is pregnant. Taking guideline of your nearest vet would be a better choice if you found roundworms in your cat.

How To Identify Toxaxcara Leonine In Cats?

Toxascaris Leonine is parasitic nematode which is common both in cats and dogs. Unlike taxocara cati roundworms, they do not migrate from the lungs and back to the gut through the month. Larvae develop from eggs in 2 to 4 weeks. The egg needs cool weather to transform into larvae. If the eggs don’t get proper cool environment, they die too. Toxaxcara leonine syndromes are diarrhea, vomiting, weakness in cat dull coats and many others.

Treatment and Prevention for Toxaxcara Leonine Roundworms:

The infection of Toxocara Leonine can be treated with the medication called “de-Wormers” that includes medicines like milbemycin oxime, fenbendazole, and pyrantel. To stop this roundworm infection, clean the area where the cat get in contacts.

Don’t get worried about the disease and infection of the roundworms. Follow the above information to better know about roundworms or get the expert suggestion of the vet.