Sun blazing high on the mountains and lands sends the message to pet owners that its flea and tick season so… Beware! Fleas and ticks are nasty blood-sucking creatures that can easily infest your dogs and cats, and your home. Luckily, there are various types of  effective flea and tick prevention treatments available in the market, which are helpful in eliminating these bugs.

Most of the pet parents are always prepared before the season and start giving their pets flea and tick treatment. Flea and tick preventives are efficient in eliminating and preventing these disease-carrying pests from your dogs and cats.

These products are safe to use on pets, as they cause no harmful effects. They are even safe for small kittens and puppies as well as pregnant and lactating animals. Without harming pets, flea and tick prevention medications eliminate parasites by killing both fleas and ticks.

Topical Flea and Tick Prevention Treatment

Highly Effective Flea and Tick Treatment – Topical Treatments 

There are several topical flea and tick treatments available, which are effective in removing these parasitic animals. They are available with the prescription from your vet. These treatments kill adult fleas and ticks. Most of these treatments have Fipronil and selamectin as active ingredients. Fipronil kills both big fleas and ticks whereas selamectin also kills flea eggs. You have to apply one dose of this treatment once a month on the back of your pet. It lasts for a whole month preventing flea infestation. These products work quickly on application and within 24 hours, they remove fleas.

Safety Measures for Pets and People while using Treatments

Out in the market, there are several non-prescription treatments available, which treat flea and tick infested pets. The ingredients present in these products are harmful to pets. The insecticides present in the topical solution are poisonous at some extent. When humans come in contact with these chemicals while handling pets, these chemicals can create complications in them also. According to records from American Pet Products Association, even natural products such as lavender, eucalyptus oil and geranium useful in natural treatment of pests can be harmful as they cause allergic reaction in dogs and cats.

Age Matters When Pest Control Comes

Some of the popular flea and tick products are effective in removing these external parasites, but they are not always applicable for all age pets. Some topical treatment may create serious problems in puppies and kittens while they can best work on adult dogs and cats.

Moreover, the other spot-on products may not be recommended for debilitated or weaning animals. Many topical solutions are only safe for 8 weeks and above kittens and puppies. Thus, they are not safe for newborn puppies and kittens. Some of them are also not recommended for nursing and pregnant bitches and queens. For such animals on which no flea and tick products can be used, manual removal of fleas and ticks is the best option. Regular bathing and keeping the pet clean help prevent these nasty external parasites.

Therefore, according to the size and age of your pet buy flea and tick Treatments.

Use the Products Properly

According to American Society of Pet Health and Welfare, even the safest and best topical treatments are harmful and ineffective when used incorrectly. Pet parents need to be always careful while administering these flea and tick control products. The topical treatments designed for dogs should not be given to cats and the same is applicable vice versa because each of this product are formulated differently and have different ingredients to treat them. Always purchase medications depending on the size and weight of the pet this ensures that they work efficiently. 

Furthermore, an incorrect dosage can also take a toll on your pet’s health. If you are unsure about how to use the product or what dosage to give to your pet, better consult your veterinarian and take advice to treat your dog or cat.

Well, taking care of all the above things you can select an effective topical flea and tick treatment for your dogs and cats, and help them enjoy long hours outdoors free from sucking bugs.