Memorial Day - 8% Discounts

Memorial Day is just a few days away and for this day most of the pet parents are waiting to have a wonderful weekend celebration with their furry pals. It’s not just another simple day but a much revered day to remember those brave hearts paying homage and to salute those four-legged stalwarts who have laid their lives for America.

Memories – is what left with us when our dear ones leave us. And Memorial Day is where we remember and honor those who bleed and died so that we can live in freedom – without any fear. In reverence to those brave hearts, you can celebrate this day in a special way with your lovable companion – making them the part of this special day.

Collect Pictures

You can collect pictures of those unsung heroes (can be service dogs also) – who have made a difference to this country or who are like role models to you. You can make a scrapbook in their remembrance or create an Instagram or Pinterest section dedicated to them (can add your favorite military dog). These just physically capture the wonderful times and can boost your esteem to do something for the country.

Plant a Tree

It’s not always just going in parades or having a get together, you can celebrate Memorial day with your pet in a bit different way. Get a sapling and plant it in a public garden (if they allow you) or in your yard as there requires no permission to do the same. Or else you can plant a tree near their grave and have the satisfaction of honoring them every day as the tree grows.

Contribute to Shelter Homes

Many service dogs have come from the rescue homes or animal shelter and helping these communities in whatever little way we can do is kinda a great reverence we can pay to those great heroes. You can even volunteer at a rescue group or animal-based charity.

Sharing Pet Supplies

In a way to pay homage to our pawed heroes – you can purchase some essential pet supplies and distribute to pet charity homes. This is a much better way to do something more helpful to our animal planet rather than just sharing tweets and likes of Memorial day.

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