Arguably one of the biggest fears a pet parent can have is losing their beloved four-legged friend. It can take a toll on their health because losing a pet is like you’ve lost a close family member. Thus, the month of July is all about National Lost Pet Prevention Month. This helps in reminding us to ensure the safety and well-being of our pets so that they do not get lost. And although you might think you are being super safe and taking great care of your buddy, we still recommend making a checklist. You just never know what might happen in the future and having a checklist can help you a great deal. Thus, with regards to National Lost Pet Prevention Month, we have listed down a few valuable tips that will help you ensure you do not lose your precious four-legged pal.

Tips To Make Sure Your Pet Does Not Get Lost

These tips will help you in a big way to relatively lower the risks of losing your pet. Hence, we recommend following it as much as possible.

#1. Microchip Your Pet

With the advancement in technology, we can safely say that the world has become a better place. And with proper technology around, we must use it in the best possible way to help us. Thus, it’s a great idea to microchip your furry buddy so that you can track their every move. This helps because you know exactly where your buddy is and need not have to worry about them if they aren’t around you.

#2. Collar With An ID Tag

Most pet parents would not make their pets wear a collar. And that is understandable because collars generally cause irritation to the skin. But not all collars are like that, and sometimes it has to do with the fixing of the collar around the neck. If it’s fixed too tightly, it can cause the pet to choke and cause skin irritation as well. While we all might have mixed reviews about collars, one must know that collars with ID tags are super helpful. If ever your pet gets lost, they can be found easily because of the collar. Collars with ID tags will have the name of your dog and your phone number. This valuable information on the collar helps you to reunite with your beloved pet.

#3. Teach Your Pet The Two Basic Commands

If you have a dog, then teaching them the two basic commands of “come” and “stay” is a must. This helps because imagine you are out with your dog, and he happens to spot something. And since dogs are curious creatures, he is very likely to walk towards the spot where he saw something. Now if you spot him trodding off, you can use the “come” command to call them back. The “stay” command can also work in this situation as this tells your doggy to stay put and not move forward.

#4. Keep Doors And Fences Closed

Majority of pets that tend to get lost are from the homes itself. And this is because someone forgot to lock up the front door or left the fence of the yard wide open. Situations like these tend to happen a lot, and such carelessness can lead to you losing your pet. Thus, it is imperative that you keep all your doors and fences locked. And even if they are open for a brief period for some reason, make sure you are alert and watching. Or you can leash up your pet so that they do not run outside.

#5. Pay A Little More Attention

This is a simple yet vital act that every pet parent must do more of. Paying a little bit of attention to your pet and their whereabouts is so important because this helps you prevent them from getting lost. Always watch over them, especially when you take them out for walks. We know you would never leave your child unsupervised, so why not do the same for your pet?

National Lost Pet Prevention Month is just around the corner and we hope pet parents will become more alert and watchful when it comes to taking care of their furry buddies. They may wander here and there, but it is our duty to keep an eye on them and watch their every move. Like we said earlier, we need to pay more attention to them. Just a wee bit of attention can help you prevent your pet from getting lost.