“It is important to be in shape not with the perfect body to please anyone but a maintained weight to be protected from all the major risk of life.”

Obesity is the biggest path leading to almost 60 types of chronic diseases, and the cure to them is none. It does not only impact the lives of ordinary humans but, it is equally dangerous for the pets. Obesity in pets is genuinely the biggest reason to be worried when it comes to curing for pets. The change in lifestyle is definitely the top cause of it. But Covid-19 is also responsible for limiting our outgoing for work, walks, and leisure.

Maybe you would be considering obesity just the regular diaharea or the simple attack of fleas or maybe the cuteness of your fluffy dog but in reality it is problem to be worried of and the first step to health complications in your pretty pet.

How exactly to find if your dog is obese?

Every breed of dog has its ideal weight range and it can be even calculated with the body mass index method. Any dog’s weight that is up to 20% at the higher side is considered to be overweight and the best time to start on recovering. But, any dog’s weight that falls above 20% of its ideal weight comes into the category of obesity pets.

How to cure?

You will have to follow a procedure to bring your pet back in shape and into the better life.

Step 1: Keep all the details of its weight, calorie intake –both in food and treats, its activities, and most importantly its interests.

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Step 2: Is your dog the finickiest while hogging on the food? Start slow to change its eating habits; add more of fibre less of treats.

Step 3: Add food that helps in weight loss. Majorly from cruciferous family like kale, cabbage, bokchoy, cauliflower any maybe some broccolis with some of great fruits to enhance its metabolism.

Step 4: Let’s being to exercise. This is something you must not avoid at any case. Take them out for some moderate walks, some fun activities that involve running and jumping. (This will improve its bones, ligaments and joints)

Step 5: Start to serve in portions. The less you serve slowly the less he will put on. And the less you would have to put the efforts. Don’t worry; a fat dog has enough of potential calories to use while they are on controlled diet.

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Step 6: Sit back and relax. Don’t be hard on your pet from day one. Give them enough of rest and so much of love. Also, you can give the best treats from our list that is less in calories but great in taste. Trust us our treats are a dog with two tails.

Note: If your dog has any deficiency and needs a spoon full of supplements then you can always trust us to give the best that your dog needs. And a pet with ideal weight lives 1.5 to 2 years longer and I guess that’s what you really want. To always live a little extra with the pet you love the most.

Have a Great time reducing the weight of your pet.