When winter sets in, it can get extremely cold. And even after wearing a jacket, we tend to still feel cold. So imagine how our poor furry pals must be feeling with only their fur to protect them from the chilly weather. Thus, as pet parents, it becomes crucial that we invest some of our time in helping our pets stay safe during such times. With that in mind, we will be dishing out some tips that will assist you in taking care of your canine or feline during winter.

Brr… it’s cold, and you know it. You also know your furry friend needs you to keep him safe and warm during such cold climates. Thus, follow these seven essential tips and make your pet enjoy winter to the fullest.

Change Drinking Water Regularly

Be it summer or winter, it’s imperative to change your pal’s bowl of water regularly throughout the day. Providing fresh and clean drinking water is very important as it keeps your buddy in good health. Preferably, change the water twice a day or after every 8 to 10 hours.

Refrain From Overfeeding

We all know that during winter, our hunger levels increase, and it is because our bodies require more energy to keep it warm during winter. Thus, we tend to eat more. Similarly, pets have a bigger appetite in winter. Feeding them more is advised, but ensure you are not feeding him too much. Too much food can and will lead to problems such as obesity.

Take Care of the Paws

Cracked and dry paws are often seen in winter. To prevent your buddy from facing such an issue, we recommend using Frontline Pet Care Paw Balm. This great moisturizer aids in keeping the paws in top shape and prevents any sort of damages (to the paws) from taking place.

Limit Time Spent Outside

Limiting your dog or cat’s time outdoors is the right and smart thing to do. The extreme cold outside will hamper your poor buddy’s health by causing issues like hypothermia and frostbites. Hence, keep your pet inside for as much as possible.

Bedding Upgrade

The change in weather (from summer to winter) calls for a change in your pet’s bedding, or perhaps should we say an upgrade? Whatever you may call it, your pet needs a warmer and cozier bed in winter. Add more thick fabric pads to the bedding to make it more comfortable. If your pet still feels cold, you could make him/her wear some nice comfy clothes.

Frequent Health Checkups

Even if your dog is staying mostly indoors during the wintery months, this does not mean you will skip his/her routine health checkups. It’s important to keep the frequent visits to the vet to ensure the good well-being of your pet. It also helps in detecting illnesses, if any, at an earlier stage. This, in turn, helps in getting it treated quickly and much easier.

Flea and Tick Are Everywhere

Summer or Winter or Spring or Autumn, fleas and ticks never cease to wreak havoc. They hover in the air throughout the year, which is why protecting your pal from them is a must. PetCareSupplies has a vast collection of flea and tick treatment for both cats and dogs. Do not forget to check it out!

Follow these seven essential and valuable tips and keep your pet well protected throughout the cold winter months. Take care of your furry munchkins; we know you will!