The adage, Dog is the most faithful animal on the earth, may turn out to be wrong at times especially for some dog breeds. Though dogs are truly the best friends of mankind and can take care of human kids, there are exceptions as when some breeds’ behavior dwindle to the intrinsic nature of wilderness. Some breeds are absolutely good for families with kids but some goes out of the track becoming a threat for your children.

Therefore, before looking forward to adopt a particular dog breed, you need to get well acquainted with its inherent qualities and learn about their traits as certain breeds tend to divulge from their normal behavior when they are around kids. And if you have children in the family, then certainly you should not miss to skim through the list given here.

Alaskan Malamute

Though they have happy demeanor and friendly attitude, when it comes to be the companionship with kids, this breed does not match up. The leash-pulling, shedding and insatiable appetite make them worst option for families with kids.

Moreover, excess shedding can cause allergic reaction in kids and can sometime lead to other health conditions.

Saint Bernard

Saint Bernards turn out to be great family pets due to their kind and loving nature. However, when it comes to children in families, this breed can inadvertently knock over and hurt small kids. Moreover, their messy character needs hard working housekeeper to keep off that loose hair and drool. The serenity of home is lost due to the special needs of this dog.

Australian Shepherd

Australian Shepherds are full of energy and make good watch dogs. And this very nature makes them hyper around the kids as they look forward to herd your children, your neighbor’s children or passing by joggers. Their high energy level also ignite them to nibble heels and hands, which can even lead to biting at times, which can be dangerous for kids playing around.

Shih Tzu

Usually dog breeders refuse to sell Shih Tzu to families with kids. Though this breed is loyal and playful, when it comes to children it is difficult to handle due to its moody nature. And, when in wrong hands their latent hostile nature turns on making them aggressive and stubborn. It is quite difficult to understand their nature and when around kids can’t be trusted.


Pekingese make the best companions for the adults however with small kids they become aggressive as they believe they are alpha of the pack. Furthermore, when kids grab their tail, hair or ears, they tend to retaliate with aggression.

Doberman Pinscher

This very intelligent and strong breed makes great guard dogs. Their intrinsic nature of guarding and protecting from enemies can sometimes even push them to threaten their own loved ones. Doberman Pinschers are stubborn and energetic in nature which is why breeders normally refuse to suggest this breed for families with children.


Originally bred for herders and pulling carts, Rottweliers are bred for different purpose presently. Today, they are used as guard, rescue and search dogs for the specific reason.  Normally this breed has a dangerous streak, which is recognized as its natural tendency. Though they love children growing along with kids, they may decline back to their original temperament of attacking. It misinterprets the kid’s play as attack and can drag or maul over the child.

The Chow Chow

Not the large breed and preferably suitable for families living in apartments. However, due to its independent nature, it is usually seen aloof. Their nature does not fit with children as they look forward for their attention. Moreover, Chow Chows turn out to be aggressive towards strangers and this can be dangerous when other children are visitors.

This list may have missed some particular breeds but it has a brief of major breeds that you can opt out when it comes to adopting a dog. Families with children need to be quite careful when planning to adopt a particular breed dog. A step well taken can save you and your kid from undesirable situations.