Pets bring unmatched joy to our lives by endlessly showering their unconditional love on us. If you have been into pet parenting for a while, just go down the memory lane; I’m sure you will be able to recollect so many fond memories wherein both you and your animal love had the best of times together. They were there with you, all the way, through your thick and thin. Well, if you are looking for an opportunity to give something back to your furry child, here’s one coming, just around the corner.

The month of May is National Pet Month. It is the perfect time to show how much you love them. Being a responsible and caring guardian, why not grab this chance with both hands and make the occasion so very special for your animal fellas.

Why National Pet Month?

The motives of National Pet Month include:

  • Celebrate the companionship of pets
  • Make people understand the health and social benefits of pets
  • Promote responsible pet parenting
  • Educate pet parents
  • Spread awareness about pet’s role in the society

Things to do during National Pet Month

Here are some interesting ways to celebrate this occasion:

Pet Parade

Organize a short march of pets. Invite all the pet parents in your community and ask them to come along with their pets. This will provide pet parents to share their experiences as well as opinions on pet parenting. At the same time, it will be great fun for the animals participating in the event as they’ll be able to meet and play with their fellow animals from different communities.

Shout Out On Social Media

Other than educating people in your immediate circle like family & close friends, spread the word on social media about the benefits of pets in our lives. There are thousands of homeless domestic pets out on the streets, on farms, and, in various other public places. Use Facebook and Twitter-like social media platforms and help these animals find their homes.

Offer Training

If you are good at educating pets with basic household obedient commands, like sit, stop, lie down and so on, you can share your skills with the rescue or animal center in your area. This will help animals learn common household antiquates and help them become capable of being adopted.

Adopt An Animal

Providing a home to a homeless animal can be the best activity one can do during National Pet Month. Get a pet; a dog, a cat, a horse, or any domesticated animal of your liking. Let your love towards animals come out and experience the unconditional love you get in return. If you already have a pet, add one more to your pet family.

Vet Visit, Grooming Session & Oral Check-up

Even if your pet is doing alright, schedule an annual check-up if you haven’t seen a vet or a dentist in a while. Regular vet visits and oral checks can prevent a minor illness from causing major consequences for your loved companion. Taking your pet for a grooming session or two during this month can help your pet rejuvenate and help them return to their very best again.

Other Things to Do During National Pet Month

  • Get an insurance plan for your pet
  • Have a professional photoshoot with your animal companion
  • Foster a pet if you don’t want to adopt one
  • Volunteer at a pet shelter or rescue center
  • Donate as much as you can to animal shelters
  • Raise funds for an animal charity

Most importantly, give your pet the endless love and care they truly deserve. Spend time with your animal child, feed them, pat them on their back, and cuddle with them. Make the most of the instance and ensure that you create memories with your loved animal during this National Pet Month that holds a special place in your hearts.