December is the month of dotting and loving your cat more than usual. After all, it is National Cat lovers’ Month! This month is solely dedicated to celebrating your cat’s existence; more than what we do every day.  If you already have a cat in your home, then this is the perfect time to shower them with gifts and activities that they would just love. If you don’t have one and still wish to celebrate the month, you can visit some shelter houses and make the felines there have a special time.

Here are some ways in which you can show that you care for your cat. 

  • Treat your cat to a grooming session

Cats are always fastidious about hygiene and when they are not busy resting, you can see them grooming themselves. Even though they can self-groom, occasionally they enjoy a helping hand too. Use a soft-bristle brush to remove the loose hair and untangle your cat’s coat, wipe out their ears, and clip their nails. You can even give them a gentle massage to finish off the pampering session.

  • Whip up a batch of homemade cat treats

Buy them or make them homemade treats which are modified with their favorite ingredients. You can make cat-friendly recipes using some ingredients like tuna, chicken, turkey, or fish. There is also catnip, which will make your cat purr in happiness; just be sure to give only small amounts of treats made up of cat-friendly ingredients. 

  • Buy new cat toys

Surely, being the cat of the house, your feline has many toys already to play with. Maybe those aren’t enough or maybe your cat got bored of them. So, why not buy a new and unique toy to keep your cat curiously busy? Get them a scratcher post, a feather toy, or a maze puzzle. Since cats are curious-natured, they will surely like playing with the new toys you get for them.          

  • Splurge on new cat furniture

If you want to treat your cat a little extra special, think about getting a new cat purr-nature. Cats instinctively move to higher places, so having a cat tree would just add to the aesthetics of your house. Cats would have their place to be in and they can go higher than other furniture and be safe while doing so. Add some scratching posts or lookout perches at different heights; some cat trees also allow having toys on the top, which could be your feline’s playroom.

  • Play with your cat

Nothing says I love you like spending some quality time with your feline. Play with them, scratch their bellies, bounce some toys, or look at the squirrels in the trees. Just being around your cat and showing them that you care strengthens your bond. A little bit of pampering, a little bit of cuddling, and little belly scratching will make your cat purr in happiness. Although not every cat likes physical affection, so if your cat prefers to love from afar do not try to snuggle with them.

  • Help out at the local cat shelter

If you’re not a cat parent and still want to show your love for the felines, visit a local cat shelter. Spend time with the kittens there, gift them treats and toys, or volunteer to help around the shelter. No matter the way, the cats will appreciate your help and will know that you care for them. National Cat Lovers’ Month is the perfect time to bring out your inner cat lover and show them the same.  

There are many ways you can show your love for cats; you don’t necessarily have to shout it out from the rooftop, just be loud enough so that your pet knows.