Pawsitive behaviour in dogs

It is always a great feeling to have pets but having them can be very challenging but at the same time super rewarding. Things can get difficult, especially on days when your dog is being naughty like tearing his favourite stuffed toy to shreds, peeing in places he should not, and stuff like that. In such situations, you might lose your cool and when you do, it doesn’t really help both parties. Infact, it makes it worse. But little do we know and realize that we can use pawsitive behavior to counter such bad behaviors. Here are a few ways in which you can encourage pawsitive behavior in your buddy that will help you both in the long run.

#1. Exercise On A Daily Basis

Every dog needs to exercise stay fit and healthy. Some dogs may require more exercises than others, but at the end of the day, every dog needs to exercise. Regular exercises or games like playing fetch will not only burn off their energy but will also make them more likely to listen to directions and commands. This will help them to be more disciplined and less likely fall into trouble.

#2. Praise, Praise, And More Praise

One of the best ways to encourage good behavior in dogs is of course, praise, praise, and more praise. You can opt for this method when you are potty training your pupper. Once your pup does its first mistake, take your buddy outside and make him do their business there. Once they do as you command, praise them with good words like “good boy”  or “yes, very good”. If you act negatively to their mistake, it will only make things worse. So make sure to act positively and you will get positive results.

#3. Spend More Time Together

Spending quality time with your buddy on a regular basis will instil in them a feeling that you care about them and they will reciprocate the feeling. It will allow them to trust to even more and the bond will grow stronger and stronger. And when that bond grows stronger, they will pay more attention to your cues and listen to your commands and this will encourage good behavior.

#4. Give Treats

It is a known fact that dogs and puppies simply love food. When you open their favorite bag of delicious treats, they will run and come to you in the hope of getting some to gobble up. To encourage good and postive behavior in your buddy, apart from praising them, you can also do it with treats. Treats have to power to get things done the way you want, so why not opt for this method to encourage good behavior in your four legged friend?

#5. Be Calm And Patient

Everyone makes mistakes and your doggo is no better. They will make mistakes like we all do. But it is important to tackle such mistakes with a calm head. Being patient and not losing your confidence is super key in allowing your buddy to learn and get better with time. So yeah, calm and being patient is super important if you want your buddy to get better and that too quickly. It is always essential to react in a positive way so that your buddy behaves in a positive manner. So make sure you are implementing the above points to encourage good and positive behavior in your furry munchkins. Stay safe and take care of your buddies!