Pets make human beings complete with their compassion and dedication. When your pooch runs towards you with a big smile on his face, all your worries and stress from work just melts away. But, there is one thing that comes uninvited all along with your pets, and that is fleas. Even though you try to take utmost care in keeping your pets flea free, they somehow hop up to either their backs or make their way in some corner of the house. Flea eradication is inevitable as this parasite can make your pets anemic by continuously having blood feasts on their blood. These parasites can even target you if they have no host around when they hatch. So, complete flea elimination is very necessary for a healthy living of all your family members.

Let’s check some tips for flea proofing the pet and your home for a happy and healthy living!

Flea control tips

  1. Flea Treatments- Make it a monthly drill
    It is commonly observed among pet parents that they stop using flea preventives for their pets once they are flea free. Fleas can hop on your pet’s body or into your homes from the environment anytime. It is very necessary to use flea treatments to keep your canines and felines protected from these nasty pests. Once you miss a dose, it may happen that your pet will catch fleas in no time before you can even think about solutions. The first step towards a flea proof home is to free your darling pets from these parasites. So, make the application of flea preventives a monthly drill and apply them to your pets every month without fail. Frontline Plus is one of the most famous and effective flea treatment trusted by the vets today. If you pawed friends are comfortable with spot on treatments, you could try using this flea control.
  1. Backyards- They may need your constant mowing
    Having a tall and uncut grass in the backyard can be an issue if you have pets at home. The fleas jump on pets from the environment, which are usually hidden within the tall grasses. So, to minimize the threat of flea infestation in your homes, mow your lawns regularly. After the cutting and trimming of the garden, it is recommended to use sprays having insect growth regulators. Usage of this product will kill the fleas present in the environment around your home.
  1. Vacuum- Every corner of your home
    It is not necessary that fleas can hatch only on the bodies of pets or in the environment outside. They can turn into their adult phase even inside your homes. After treating your pets with flea preventives, you may think that now there would be no terror of fleas in your life. But, flea eggs fallen from your pet’s body could hatch in any corner of your home. So, when you are on a mission of flea proofing your house, vacuuming each and every corner would be the best thing to do. Usually pet parents focus on cleaning only their furry friend’s bedding. But, is that the only place where your pet had set his foot on? It is very important to vacuum all places of the house for a thorough cleaning. Vacuuming will suck all the juvenile stages of fleas if they are scattered around in your rooms. This step will block the possibilities of flea re-infestation in your home.
  1. Last measure- Foggers and carpet sprays
    This is the last, but the most important step of the flea proofing regime. Make sure that your pets are outdoors while you use these anti parasitic sprays and foggers to shield your house from the parasites. These chemicals may harm your pets and children, so it is advisable to ensure that they are not present inside while you use these insecticides. Secure your carpets with sprays that possess IGR in them having flea repellant properties. Fog your entire house with anti parasitic chemicals or use borax powder for developing an anti parasitic environment. If you sprinkle borax powder, it is recommended to vacuum again in the entire house. These chemicals will combat the flea re-infestation for a long time.

In all, putting these tips into practice may help you with flea proofing your pet as well as your home. It is recommended to perform this flea proofing regime every month on the day you treat your pets with flea preventives. By doing this, you can rest assured that the entire month would be almost flea free for both, you and your pets.