Hair-fall in Dogs

If you are a pet parent, you’re probably aware that shedding hair is normal in dogs. While some dogs shed less hair, other breeds of dogs might be prone to shedding hair to an extent where it might become almost exhausting. The shed hair of dogs is replaced by new, healthier hair. However, if you are seeing an irritating amount of dog hair in your house despite the regular cleaning and vacuuming, it’s a sign that the hair your dog is losing is not a normal occurrence.

So how much shedding is normal? When should you be concerned about your furry friend losing hair? What should you do to prevent abnormal hair loss? In this article, we offer some homemade remedies and treatments that might be beneficial for your shedding dog.

Dog Hair Loss that is Alarming

Hair loss or Alopecia in dogs is one of the common dog diseases that may result in partial or complete loss of hair from your dog’s body. In general situations too, you might find dogs of all ages shedding hair throughout their life.  However, if you are noticing larger balls of hair, or there are bald patches on your dog’s body, then it is a sign that the amount of hair your dog is losing needs immediate attention. Mostly, dog hair loss is quite evident, appearing in different patterns and shapes. At times, it is also accompanied by crusting and inflammation of the skin.

Alopecia and shedding

Reasons behind Abnormal Hair Loss

Before getting into the treatments or remedies, we must get a basic idea about the reasons behind Alopecia in dogs. Thus, you must see a veterinarian and get to know about the cause behind the abnormal hair loss in your dog before deciding to opt for one of the mentioned remedies or treatment options. Some of the common causes include allergies, parasitic infestations like mites and ringworms, acral lick dermatitis, etc.

Home Remedies to Deal with Dog Hair Loss

The first step towards reducing abnormal hair loss in dogs includes identifying which of the aforementioned or others is the cause of this hair loss. Once you are well aware of the culprit, it becomes easier for you to choose the treatment option that would serve as the right trajectory. Given below is a list of some home remedies you can rely on for your dogs:

Home Remedies for Dog Hair Loss

1. Humidify the Air of Your House

Dry skin and hair in dogs are one of the leading causes of hair loss in dogs. In fact, for dogs with thicker fur, the problem increases. It is also a common issue if you are living in a climatic arid region. To deal with this issue, the best option is to get yourself an air humidifier.

As a humidifier would increase the humidity of your home, it would not just be beneficial for the skin and coat health of your dog, but also yours, and if you have plants in your house, theirs. It would be best if you kept the humidifier near the dog’s house.

2. Apple Cider Vinegar at Your Disposal

Often heard of, Apple cider Vinegar has several benefits for you as well as for your pets. Its acidic nature offers it antifungal and antibacterial properties that work best in case of infested skin. You can either apply it directly to the areas of infestations or add it to the dog’s bathing water to kill the pathogens. Cleaning the infected area with apple cider vinegar kills bacteria and germs and refreshes the skin.

Alternatively, you can take undiluted apple cider vinegar and dilute it with water in a proportion of half and half. You can spray this solution on your dog’s body 2 to 3 times a day. Please keep in mind that the use of apple cider vinegar on wounds or infested areas can cause a burning sensation.

3. Give Lemon Juice a Chance

Just like apple cider vinegar, lemon juice is also acidic. It features the same properties and helps in killing pathogens and restoring the normal pH of the skin. Given that in most cases, the cause of hair loss happens to be skin infection, it is best to deal with the cause first. Using lemon juice like apple cider vinegar can help you get rid of bacterial and fungal infections, thus reducing the rate of hair loss.

4. Soothe With Olive Oil

It’s no news how beneficial Olive oil is to human health, specifically the skin and hair. We often use olive oil in our food. Plus we also prefer to use olive oil to apply on our body and hair. Rich in Omega 3 and Omega 6, Olive oil is not just beneficial to us humans. It is equally beneficial for the skin and hair health of our canine buddies. The topical application of olive oil on dogs is an efficient home remedy to deal with dog hair loss. However, keep in mind that oral administration of olive oil is harmful to dogs.

Alternatively, you can also go for Omega supplements or topical solutions like Essential 6 for dogs. Essential 6 for Dogs is a topical supplement designed to enhance a dog’s skin and coat health. It is composed of 10 essential oils, hemp, and neem oil, and is rich in Omega 3, Omega 6, and vitamin E.

5. Let Aloe Vera Heal

Aloe vera is known to have a cooling effect on our bodies. When applied to the skin, not only does it offer a cold sensation, but also helps in healing skin rashes and soothing skin inflammation. Known for its healing value, it is effective in minimizing the growth of yeast infection. You can also feed aloe vera to your dog for its antiseptic value as this would help your dog inside out. A few weeks into regular aloe vera application, you will notice significant changes in the dog’s coat condition.

6. Keep Their Coat Clean

Another important aspect of dealing with abnormal hair loss in dogs is to ensure that you keep their coat clean and regularly brush them. You must regularly wash your dog’s coat/ hair with suitable shampoo and conditioner. Brushing their coat regularly increases the flow of blood and induces better secretion of natural oil that would help increase hair growth and hair health of your dog.

You can try amazing skin, coat, and hair products rendered at competitive prices at Pet Care Supplies. Some of the products you can try are mentioned below:

  • Dorwest Evening Primrose Oil Liquid For Dogs And Cats:

This complimentary supplement promotes healthy skin and coats. It offers Omega 3 fatty acids to increase the luster of the coat and reduce its scruffiness and dryness.

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  • Frontline Pet Care Dark Coat Shampoo for Dogs:
Frontline Pet Care Dark Coat Shampoo for Dogs

If you have a pet with dark hair, the Frontline Pet Care Dark Coat Shampoo is just an effective option to clean the coat of your pet as it gets rid of dirt, enhances skin color, protects from the UV rays, and controls bacterial adhesion.

  • Dorwest Scent and Shine Shampoo:

Using this shampoo hydrates the skin and soothes skin irritation and redness of the skin. It gently removes dirt, allergens, and dust from the skin, increasing the health of the coat and eventually reducing hair fall.

Dorwest Scent and Shine Shampoo

Concluding Note:

If you suspect that the amount of hair your dog is shedding is more than the normal amount, it would be best for you to seek the help of a pet healthcare professional without making any further delay. The sooner you get hold of the underlying reason behind this, the better you would be able to tackle the persisting issue. Apart from following these home remedies, supplements, and products, vet-preferred medical assistance is also important.