cat wound care treatment

Cats are instinctively territorial animals and coming from the wild cat family, they always have this natural inclination of fighting and hunting. moreover, they fight either to acquire or protect their territory. And, in all the processes, they eventually get injured – a cut, scratch, lesion or sometimes a deeper cut. These minor wounds are something which we need to tend and treat.

Let’s learn to treat these minor wounds to both protect cat from infection and avoid unwanted vet bills.

Steps Of Treating A Wounded Cat

Take your cat into confidence

When a cat is in pain, it doesn’t differentiate between friend or foe. Even the friendliest one cat bite or scratch you. Take her in the towel to keep her still while you’re applying first aid. It will be more easy if two people are involved. Wrapping a cat in towel makes it easy to access the wound, however, if the towel hinders the access then better hold her by the neck. An extra pair of hands would also be helpful here.

Inspect the wound

Examine the wound and look that the wound is not so deeper or more serious than you might have thought of. In case, you find that the wound is too deeper, it is better to take an expert’s help. If the wound is minor, you can act further and start up with the cleaning procedure.

Clean the Wound

Make a mixture of water and antiseptic solution and fill it in the syringe. With the help of this mixture, clean the wound several times. You can also use dermaclens to remove debris and dead cells. This you can purchase from any online pet store.

Apply Antibacterial Cream

To avoid infection and promote healing process, it is recommended to apply antimicrobial or antibacterial creams like Dermavet. It helps to prevent infection and aids to heal faster. Ensure that every time you apply the cream, clean the wound and then apply it. The cream has to be applied according to the directions given on the pack or leaflet inside.

Keep an Eye

cat wound care treatment

While the cream is applied ensure that your cat do not lick or scratch the wound as this will only worsen the condition. Also keep a close eye to watch the wound for signs of healing. If you suspect any inflammation, redness or pus in the wound, immediately take your feline friend to a vet.

If the wound is healing, provide proper care such that your cat does not get infection till the wound is completely healed. You can even provide some health supplements to add extra nutrients for faster recovery.

Serious Wounds

A wound that has minor or major bleeding should be treated by a veterinary surgeon as soon as possible. Don’t wait for wound to heal by itself as the deep cut may breed infection which may turn out to be serious at times. A proper treatment from your vet where stitches may be involved if needed, would be quite helpful.

In a nutshell, check for injuries in the other parts of your cat’s body. Because while tending to treat the visible wound, you must have missed some of those that might not be seen so clearly. It is also necessary that you check that your cat’s vaccinations are on time, especially when your cat is wounded by another animal.