Black Cat Appreciation Day

Black cats happen to be one of those few animals that are highly misunderstood and misjudged, thanks to the n number of myths and superstitions surrounding them. While several cultures across the globe consider the appearance of a black cat as a sign of good fortune, other cultures have evolved to think of black cats as evil omens. 

Amongst all, black cats are one of the least preferred cats when it comes to adoption. This National Black Cat Appreciation Day, we have brought you some insights into folklore about black cats and how you can celebrate this wonderful day!

History of Black Cats 

Several cultures and societies globally have their own set of beliefs and lookouts about black cats. For instance, in ancient Egypt, cats were revered highly, partly because of their ability to tackle and get rid of vermin like mice and rats. The cats owned by royalty were often made to wear jewelry, and could eat right off their owners’ plates.

According to Celtic mythology, fairies took the form of black cats and came to houses or villages bringing good luck and prosperity. However, the pilgrims that arrived after them were afraid of anything that was even remotely related to the pagan beliefs of the Celtics. Now, the fear changed the concept of black cats from the vessels of fairies to the vessels of witches and demons. Even today, people are reluctant to keep black cats as their pets. 

Black Cat Appreciation Day

To raise awareness about black cats, we celebrate 7th August as Black Cat Appreciation Day every year. To honor his sister June, and her black cat Sinbad, Wayne H. Morris founded the Black Cat Appreciation Day. The major aims of the Black Cat Appreciation Day include:

  • Making people aware of the plight of black cats
  • Dispelling the numerous myths that surround the black cats
  • Encouraging potential pet parents to adopt black cats 

Unfortunately, despite their adorable existence, pet parents are less likely to adopt black cats and dogs. Despite being in the 21st century with the world developing to such an extent, existing beliefs and superstitions are still pivotal hindrances to black cat adoption. 

Ways to Celebrate Black Cat Appreciation Day

How you can celebrate Black Cat Appreciation Day depends on how you answer the following questions: First, do you own a cat? If not, are you prepared and willing to get one? And thirdly, even if you said no to the aforementioned questions, what are you willing to do to celebrate black cats?

For those of you who own cats, especially the black ones, you can make them feel extra special on this day. With the work habits of the present era, it’s not hidden how difficult it is to give proper time and attention to our felines every day. So this Black Cat Appreciation Day, you can devote your day to your little furball. Get them that new toy or treat them to that favorite chew. Play with them, and rub their belly. 

If you don’t own a pet yet and are planning to get one, what better way to celebrate this day than to get yourself a cute little black cat from the shelter or rescue center near you? 

Even if for some reason you can’t possibly get yourself a cat yet, you can always take to several other ways of celebrating this day and raising awareness among others around you. 

Volunteer And Donate:

You can choose this day to enroll to volunteer at the nearest pet shelter or pet rescue center. They will train you with the responsibilities and tasks, and guide you on how you have to go about taking care of several pets at the center. 

You can also choose to donate whatever amount of money, pet food, supplies, or supplements is suitable for you. This would go a long way in assisting these centers take better care of more and more abandoned pets. 

Meme or Picture Contests:

You can participate or even organize a Black Cat Appreciation contest and encourage your friends and followers to participate and share, resulting more and more people to join the contest. You can partner with some pet-themed brands and invite people on Instagram and Twitter to create their own Black Cat Appreciation Day meme, or post a picture of their black cat and participate in the contest by: 

  • Tagging all the accounts involved
  • Following all these brands
  • Referring two friends
  • Using your hashtags. 

You can make the picture contest more interactive by asking them to write two or three facts about their cat or tell the story of how they adopted their cat. This will serve as a very interactive way of raising awareness about black cats and their plights. 

Offer Educational Facts About Black Cats:

To dispel the negative myths regarding black cats, you can post articles or posts on social media to educate people about the positive history of black cats. 

For instance, you can tell people that sailors in the ancient period used to think having black cats on the deck would bring them good luck. Or people in Scotland believed that if a stranger black cat comes at your door, it brings prosperity and luck with it. 

You can further encourage people to adopt black cats and give at least one of them a better life. 

FAQs about Black Cat Appreciation Day

1. When is Black Cat Appreciation Day?

August 17 of every year is celebrated as the National Black Cats Appreciation Day. 

2. Are there other cat holidays on the calendar?

Yes, there are several other holidays on the calendar that are dedicated to cats. These include National Kitten Day, International Cat Day, Hug Your Cat Day, and World Lion Day. 

3. Do cats need a lot of attention?

All pets need some amount of attention and care. While the food, veterinary care, grooming needs, etc. might differ from cat to cat, taking basic care of them is enough to keep your cats happy and healthy.

4. Do cats and dogs get along?

Yes, they might get along. However, that is not always the case. It can depend on the age of the animal, their temperament, whether they have lived with other species, etc. 

5. Are black cats mean?

Contrary to common belief, black cats are one of the most loyal and friendliest ones. They tend to be much cuddlier than others too. 


This Black Cat Appreciation Day let’s get together and raise awareness about the plight of these little furry babies that are highly misunderstood by people across the globe. Choose from the steps above and try to put out good words about these royal felines amongst your peers. A little effort from you and a small step in this direction can potentially change the life of some black cat in desperate need of a pet parent.