Cats are not as expressive as dogs in sharing their emotion. However, a terrible itch in cats is very easily figurable, especially if it’s due to flea. Fleas are small pesky parasites that can torment your cat as well as stress you out. They spread very quickly, especially when it is summer. 

You would probably be able to spot fleas on your cat’s body; but, the impact is much deeper and beyond your eyesight. When flea infests your cat’s skin it also results in flea eggs, larvae, and pupae. Thus the lifecycle of fleas continues and so is the trouble for your cat. 

Thus while choosing a flea treatment for your cat, opt for a solution that kills fleas and also the flea eggs before it turns into the skin-irritating creatures for your cat.

That is exactly what Comfortis does for your cat. Comfortis for cats is a chewable treatment that kills fleas on your cat’s body before they lay eggs and disrupts the flea lifecycle.

In this blog, we will share with you all the vital information on Comfortis flea treatment you need to know to treat your cat against flea outbursts as well as prevent re-infestation. 

Why use Comfortis for Cats?

Comfortis is the first approved oral treatment for cats. The chewable treatment can be easily given to cats for complete flea protection. Below is the list of benefits your get with Comfortis chewable treatment:

  • Full-spectra flea protection for 30 days 
  • Starts killing fleas within 30 minutes-to-one hour after use.
  • It kills fleas before they lay eggs
  • 98% efficacy in killing fleas on cats
  • Easy to feed the cat a beef floured chewable oral treatment
  • Treatment can be mixed with wet and dry cat foods
  • No need to keep your cat away from children after medication
  • No need to restrict treated cats for swimming, bathing, or grooming 

How to give Comfortis to Cat? 

As with any oral treatment, Comfortis flea treatment should be administered after consulting a veterinarian. Parents should keep this treatment out of reach of their children.

It is a monthly oral treatment for cats that should be fed to cats once in 30 days. If your cat is avoiding the treatment, you can crush it and mix it with cat food both dry and wet. 

Also, it is important to make sure that your cat finishes her entire meal when mixed with Comfortis oral medicine. For small kitties and peak eater cats, you can break the oral treatment into two meals but make sure to give the full dose on the same day. 

In What Dosage is Comfortis Safe for Cats?

Comfortis for cats is safe for cats that are 14 weeks of age and above. The oral treatment comes in three dosages which are classified on the basis of the cat’s weight. All the dosages of the Comfortis pack are monthly treatment so it should be given only once a month and not more. Below are different pack volumes of Comfortis.

Precautions for Comfortis:

  • Safety of Comfortis has not been proven for pregnant, breeding, and lactating female cats. 
  • Comfortis for cats has no proven efficacy for cats below 14 weeks of age

Comfortis substitute


Please note that due to supply issues, Comfortis is currently not available at Pet Care supplies. However you can choose it alternative product, that consists same or similar ingredient and solve the same purpose as Comfortis. These include as follows:

Bottom Line

Credilo, Broadline Spot-On Solution for Cats, Advantage Multi (Advocate) for Cats are top-selling and highly effective flea and tick solution treatments. Credilo is a monthly oral treatment while Broadline spot-on solution and Advantage multi are topical solution that is easy to apply. Credilo works efficiently during flea outburst, while the spot-on solution protects against worms and infection.