Therapy Dogs That Give You Unconditional Love and Affection

Some special breeds of dogs are trained to give comfort and support in nursing homes, hospitals, and old-age homes, and sometimes they are sent to private homes too. They perform a different role than service canines or emotional support dogs. Therapy dogs help people cope with many conditions like depression social anxiety, dementia, high blood pressure, and Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD).

Animals like dogs, cats, and horses provide therapeutic benefits and help people heal from physical as well as psychological ailments. Dogs are the most loved and household pets to humans than any other animal. In addition to providing humans with companionship, dogs are progressively being used to help their care takers regain peace, relive anxiety, and improve the quality of human life.

Which are the best therapy dogs?

The skills that therapy dogs have are obeying orders and instructions, easily adapting to new environments, and promptly recognizing changes in human behavior and its surroundings. These dogs are among the friendliest, calm, and gentle in the canine family and other dog breeds. Therapy dogs can master any skill and trick from the simplest to the most complex.

Let’s explore in detail the 5 best therapy dogs.

1) Golden Retriever

Golden Retriever is a fantastic buddy and is often found in retirement homes and hospitals offering immense care and making humans comfortable with their presence. They are one of the most intelligent and calm dog breeds.

Golden Retrievers are quick learners and can perform any trick they are trained to do. They are big dogs with big hearts and they show great love to their human companions. When rightly trained, these dogs can become the best therapy dogs.

2) German Shepherd

Another lovely dog breed is the German Shepherd which can be trained to give support to troubled individuals, and they are excellent at providing emotional comfort when needed.

They are intelligent, protective, and extremely aware of their environment meaning they can quickly understand even the slightest changes and are as quick as lightning in reacting to a situation.

3) French Bulldog

French Bulldogs have easy-going personalities and love to be petted as a reward. They nicely fit into any place and environment and make humans comfortable with their presence.

French Bulldog’s greatest skill is to notice changes in the personality or behavior of their human friend and this ability makes them the best breed for therapy dog jobs. They work wonders when given the right training.

4) Yorkshire Terrier

Yorkshire Terriers are apt at reading human behavior and love to be in the presence of human companions, and they do anything to make their human friend happy and comfortable.

Their miniature size makes them easy to handle and can fit into any situation. Yorkshire Terriers are specially trained to give medicines to humans or give an alert in case of a medical emergency by pushing the alarm button.

5) Pomeranian

The perceptive Pomeranian is an amazing companion. They resemble a ball of fluff and have kind, affectionate personality. They are playful little buddies, fun to have them around and always geared up to bring a smile on everyone’s face. They are a joyful companion, especially for bed-bound patients, and hence no wonder they make exceptionally incredible therapy dogs.

Pomeranians are sweet-natured, cute canines and are possessive about their human friends. This nature makes them an instant favorite for old-age people to give care and support.

Wrapping Up

In today’s busy and buzzing world, people have difficulty finding the love and support they need from fellow humans. For lonely individuals like these, therapy dogs are a good aid to get love, care, and support, and help them feel connected to life.  A therapy dog assists in creating human connections and building better relationships.