Pet wellness is always a priority of pet parents. With an increasing number of obese pets on the American subcontinent, it has become a necessity to keep an eye on the physical fitness of your pet. If you are a doting parent and spend quality time giving emotional comfort to your pet then now is the time to think about his bodily fitness. Every pet parent must spend some time for exercising their pet as well as for his regular Vet visits.

Tips for improving the physical well being of your pet:

Know about dog education: Educate yourself about your pet’s health requirements. You need to gain absolute knowledge about common pet diseases as well as their preventions. This can be achieved by reading breed specific information. Alternatively, a long discussion with your Vet will also help. Therefore, getting dog education is the first step towards ensuring good health for your pet.

Emotional support: The next big thing in pet’s fitness is your affection and kindness. We all know that pets are the finest emotional supports ever possible. However, when they are in need of a warm lap then you should be ready for it. This happens especially when they are going through illness, surgeries, depression or other anxieties.

Physical fitness: Keeping an eye on the pet’s physical fitness is your prime time job. This is because you can see the visible changes with your naked eyes. If your pooch is piling up extra pounds then you are responsible for his lethargy and inactivity. Few simple techniques will help in dealing with this.

  • Power walking: Well this is a new term especially for canines but instead of a casual walk if you pace up your regular dog walk for at least 15-20 minutes then it will benefit both of you. Your pup may start panting but do not worry unless he has labored breathing. Avoid this if your pet is an aging canine.
  • Jogging: Jogging is excellent to build your pet’s stamina. You can start with slow-paced running and then increase the pace. Go for 20 minutes of jogging with your pet and you will see a considerable difference in his health in a short while.
  • Agility training: You can start this if your pet is a young pooch. This will improve his flexibility and will develop his brains. Running through poles, planks and other hurdles improves his coordination skills while still keeping him fit.
  • Playful activity: Engaging your pet in activity games like fetch game, tug games, hide and seek and more will be an enjoyable experience. He will be happy to exercise if you put it in this format. This is perfect for lazy pets who do not like walking or swimming.
  • Swimming: For all the tail wagging water babies, swimming is an ideal low impact exercise. Using a ball or toy to play with your pet in water will make it entertaining for the both of you. If your pet resists water then encourage him a couple of times and he will sure indulge in swimming. It is a matchless exercise for aging and arthritic pets.
  • Doga: Yoga for dogs is the latest craze amongst pet owners. You can now do yoga with your pet. In this session, your pet will help you stretch and get into certain yogic postures. Many suggest that Doga improves the flexibility of the pet. So, if you find any Doga practitioner nearby then just go for it.
  • Build your own games: Depending on your pet’s health condition and temperament, you can create some dynamic exercise like biking with him or trekking with him etc. You can do this as per your convenience but an occasional session like this helps a great deal.
  • Diet and nutrition: You need to give him nutritious food to make sure he does not lack in primary nourishment. This is a basic step towards eliminating various ailments. Your pet’s food must contain vitamins, mineral, amino acids etc.

To sum up, your pet’s wellness depends on your willingness, efforts and time. You need to keep time off for your furry pal to make sure he is healthy, happy and fit. So, do not just pamper your pet but make him fit and strong as well. All the best!