Bringing a new cat at home is a matter of great joy and happiness. You may be overwhelmed just at the thought that today you are going to bring home your new loving companion. However, just getting them home is all that not enough. When you are ready to bring that furry friend home, it is crucial to know how the cats relate to our world and what things we need to take care to make them feel comfortable.

Find out a few things that help you to be prepared before bringing a new pet at home.

Prepare for a Welcome

Before your cat arrives or you bring a new pet home, it is essential that revamp your home and environment for her. Make simple changes in your furniture arrangement to make some free space for her to roam. Stack up those extra shelves with all the necessary cat care supplies like cat bed, food and water bowl, some clothes and cat food for your new furry companion.

Journey towards Home

First thing to know about cats is that they hate to travel. When bringing home, confine your pet in a sturdy cat carrier.  Don’t’ leave her loose, as she might panic, run here and there and may cause accident or get out of window, when you open the door. Your pet may start growling, crying and yowling, don’t feel pity and give up. Stay cool and hold the carrier properly.

On arrival

This is the most beautiful moment for you as you have brought someone who will stay there to accompany and make you happy. Just after arrival at home, due to trip, she will not be in mood to have fun or show you some cat tricks. To help her adapt easily to your home, let her be in a quiet and closed-in area, which can be your bedroom or some far-away room, where there is possibility of less noise.

Provide litter box, food, water, some soft toys and a scratch box to your new friend. For the first few days, let your new cat be acquainted with a limited area only. Ensure to spend good time with him in that room. If the new furball is hiding below the bed, don’t force her to come out.

Let her roam around all by itself. Give her freedom to sniff and investigate all the places in your home.

Your new cat may adjust very easily to the new environment or she may confine to herself and takes little more time to adjust.

Success of first week

You will be happy that it has been a week and your cat is gradually adjusting to the new place and mingling with you. After first week, introduce your companion to rest of your house, including other members of the house and pets. Take care that she has easy access to her place or room so that if she can retreat to it when she face fear or anxiety.

It will take a little while but gradually she will adjust to the new home.

Cats usually are very demanding. When adjusting with the new home, they try to grab more attention and like to have more care and warmth from owners. Different cats have their way to adjust so let your cat guide you to what level of attention she needs and what type of comfort zone she likes. Also, provide the essential pet supplies to keep your pet healthy and happy. Bring require medications such as flea and tick preventives, wound care sprays, health supplements, feline joint support for cats and kittens, and other required medications to avoid unnecessary health conditions.

Thus, taking care of overall things required for your feline health, you can keep her healthy without much expense on treatments and medicines.