Does your dog have a heavy flea infestation and you cannot stand the sight of those flying critters all over his body? Well, we advise you to take immediate action because it calls for controlling the situation before it goes berserk. Resort to Capstar as there is no other way your pet would get instant relief. Capstar is also the most preferable treatment for pet owners that do not like to handle greasy and awkward smelling topical treatments even if they are super-effective. And the plus point is it is an over the counter treatment that doesn’t require vet prescription and gives some instant respite to the suffering dog. So, why not go for it rather than waiting so long for other drugs to work as per their course of action.

Capstar-Mess-free Solution for Fleas

What is Capstar and why is it the best solution for fleas?

Capstar is an oral tablet containing nitenpyram, an active insecticide that kills adult fleas within 30 minutes of its administration. A single dose of this treatment can kill almost 90% of the fleas within 4 hours in dogs and 6 hours in cats. Isn’t that real fast compared to other treatment that takes almost double the time to eradicate the flea population completely?!

How does Capstar work?

Once the tablet enters the body, the active ingredient nitenpyram distributes itself in the tissue fluids across the whole body of the pet. When a flea sits on the pet to feed, it, in turn, ingests the chemical. Nitenpyram now inside the flea body attacks its central nervous system and causes hyper-excitation of the nerve cells thereby killing the parasite.

When should you treat your dog with Capstar?

Capstar is a quick acting product so, whenever your dog or cat requires instant relief from fleas and the itching that flea bites cause, you can use this tablet that very moment. One can also give this product to a pup or a kitty as young as 4 weeks of age weighing over 2 pounds without any second thoughts. Reason being, the product is completely safe for young dogs and cats (>4weeks) as well as pregnant or nursing animal.

How often can you use Capstar?

Capstar can be used anytime when your pet is infested with fleas. The surprising thing is that you can treat your pet with Capstar as often as once a day.

How long does the effect of Capstar last?

Well, Capstar remains effective only until 24 hours. However, you can re-administer the tablet again the next day itself. In case you are seeking a long lasting solution to flea problem, then it advisable to go for monthly treatments like Frontline Plus, Advocate or Revolution.

Is there any side effect of Capstar?

Capstar doesn’t really have any side-effect. In the rarest cases, where the pet is allergic to nitenpyram, he can experience vomiting or diarrhea. Well, if you see your dog or cat getting itchy after the administration of the dose, do not fret. It is a normal reaction. This happens because once the fleas start dying; they are in a hyper-excited mode that makes them sting the pet. This reaction subsides once all the fleas are dead.

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Are there any restrictions against swimming or bathing?

Well, rejoice because the answer is NO. Since the product is in the form of an oral tablet you can easily bathe or swim your pet after the administration of this product. It will still work as effectively, unlike the topical solutions that have chances of losing their efficacy and thus mostly restrict bathing or swimming of the pet unless the solution dries out completely.

Capstar is an instant reliever and can be easily bought from any online store. You can simply use the product whenever fleas create a problem for your pet. It does the job quickly without any mess, so go for it! Though it a temporary solution, it will certainly be a savoir against those nasty blood-sucking flies.