Watching other’s dogs doing all the fun activities is really leisure. And, you can also be one among those astounding pet parents who will just blow the minds of others with your pet’s phenomenal grasping and performing intelligence.

So, is Your pet ready for Dog Agility?

A dog’s agility is a process of training your furry friend with physical exercise to enhance its lifestyle, charm, and mental adeptness. It does not only focus on the physical burn-out; rather, it also focuses on improving the critical thinking skills and astute responses in difficult situations.

Well, you can start training Agility the high-impact sport to your puppy pet as small as 8 weeks where you can start with small commands like, “sit”, “stand”, “stay”, “stop”

“The journey to goal starts with one step at a time.

How to Build an Agility Course for Your Dog?

The agility course includes various kinds of training you wish your dog to be trained for. But, before you hop on any of these, we recommend you train your dog for a full mind and body development.

1. Work on its Flexibility

Flexibility is one such factor which leads to the success in Agility Sport. You can start improving it using the nose targeting technique to complete a round of the circle. Use the bow technique to stretch its neck.

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2. Make him aware of his body

Dogs don’t really understand how their back paws respond, they just follow their front paws. So, you need to make them realize the benefits of both legs at both ends. You can make them practice walking on the ladder lying on the ground. You can train them to jump inside the box, crawl from one box to another. To add the complexity level, you can flip the box to the opposite direction making your pet habitual of using both front and back paws smartly.

“Be the most interesting human your dog has ever met”

– Ralf Weber

3. Handle your Dog well

It’s really important to master how well your dog responds to your commands. You need to train him till the apex to understand the commands like turn, move, stop, jump, jog, run and pick.

Now that you know the basics of it let’s find all agility sport you can train your dog for.

  • Agility Jump
  • Jump Bars
  • Teeter-Totter
  • Run through Weave Poles
  • Make him a tunnel Walk
  • Jump through tyre

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“Find a game, blow it out their ass, give ’em a rub down”

– Jay Jack

But remember,

“The only hard and fast rule is, there are no hard and fast rules”

– Captain Arthur Haggerty