If you have visited dog shelters, you must have seen the wistful eyes of those caged dogs that yearn for love and care which they were abandoned by their previous owners. It is hard to believe, however, it is true. There are hundreds of dogs out there waiting in the shelters for you to pick them up and give a life they deserve. Dogs deserve a better life than they actually get in shelters, in fact, way better than they have been getting till yet. In fact, more than any materialistic things in the world, they long for your attention and cuddles which is why adoption from a shelter is one good thing you can do this month.


Local shelters are doing the best job by providing a roof to homeless pets. They take care of these animals in every manner possible whether it is grooming, appointments with vet or treatments and vaccination. However, due to the shortage of funds and a huge population of homeless pets, it becomes hard for them to maintain each and every pet personally. These shelter caretakers hardly get time to spend petting every animal. Thus, it is our responsibility to support them in this good deed of taking care of a pet. We can actually offload their burden by taking the responsibility of at least one pet.

Other than that, raising funds by campaigning for shelter dogs can be a huge help in improving the lives of shelter pets because no matter how much we earn, we cannot adopt all the pets in the shelter. Hence, choose a way that can bring a significant improvisation in shelter management. Social media is a big thing these days and gives instant results of whatever you post on the platform. Make the best use of these amenities and use your Instagram, Facebook or Twitter for some worthy purpose. Campaigning on a social media platform can lend you a lot of donators and in turn, you may come across other campaigners as well, with whom you can collaborate and raise more funds by marketing properly.

October is celebrated Adopt a Shelter Dog Month definitely about donating funds to shelter and adopting a pet but this is not it. Awareness about the condition of shelter dogs and the treatments they may require is also important. People generally go to a dog store to adopt a pet where pets are bred horrendously for giving business to the owners. This practice is sheer brutality to animal rights and care which must be stopped. Thus, raising awareness regarding these atrocities and transgressions can also be worthwhile in improving the lives of millions of pets out there.

Adopt A Shelter Dog Month

Benefits of adopting and raising a dog from a shelter

• These dogs are usually acclimatized to human presence and their touch, unlike store-bought pets that need to be trained. Hence, adopting a pet from a shelter will consume less time to get your dog settled to the new owners.

• Shelter caretakers already vaccinate their animals and thus you don’t have to think about vaccinating them further.

• Dogs in shelters are usually trained because they have been vetted and trained by their previous owners. So, you won’t have to put in many efforts to make him learn commands and good etiquettes.

• They can acclimate well to other dogs in the house if they had company in their previous residence.

Dogs are beautiful creatures and bring lots of joy, fun, and positivity to your home. Isn’t this the biggest reason to have some happiness in your abode that is so live and tangible? So don’t think much and bring a shelter pet home this month. Contact your local shelter or ASPCA Adoption Center in New York City for adopting one.

Well, if the budget constraint is stopping you then don’t worry. There is another great option – Raise funds for shelter pets and help them with your support in the best possible way you can. Because doing something is always better than doing nothing!