Thanksgiving Day with your pet

Yo, pet parents and animal aficionados! Thanksgiving is knocking on our doors, and it’s that time of the year when we gather with family, stuff our faces, and give thanks for all the good stuff in life. But what about our four-legged buddies? While it might be tempting to put them in a room, it is not really a good idea for a longer period. 

Like humans, our fur babies too are social beings. So while it might be okay to put them away for a while until everyone settles, keeping them locked the entire time away from the Thanksgiving fun and festivities wouldn’t be a great idea. In this blog, we have come up with a low-key guide on how you can have a pet-friendly Thanksgiving without stressing anyone out. 🐶

1. First Things First- Food! 

The most crucial part is what we would be dealing with foremost. What do we need to take care of while preparing the feast? When you’re whipping up those mashed potatoes and gravy, keep in mind that not every human grub is pet-friendly. Certain delicacies like those that have anything to do with chocolates, garlic, onions, and grapes, are a big no-no for the pooches. 

So the first step to ensuring that Thanksgiving is pet-friendly without creating any unnecessary mess is to ensure that you pet-proof your feast beforehand. Keep food out of paws reach because you want a turkey nap on Thanksgiving, not a vet visit.

2. Your Pets Want to Look Adorable Too

We tend to have our outfits planned for Thanksgiving way in advance. How about this Thanksgiving, dress up your adorable little furball so that they too can get some attention? You don’t want your dog to feel left out, now do you? Why not let them join in the fun by maybe dressing them up in some funky or stylish outfit? With a little planning and by running just a few extra errands, you will definitely have your pup getting all the attention that they love!

3. Tweak the Family Introduction Activities 

Greeting a pet appropriately is not something everyone is aware of. So this Thanksgiving, let’s make slight changes here and there in the introduction activities and guide the guests into saying hello to our pets too.🐶 Depending on the age and personality, you can let your guest know the best way they can approach this furry family member. 

Take special care in case of children who might either be running away in fear, or aggressively towards the pooch in excitement, both of which can be dangerous. Make them aware of how they can properly and safely interact with your pet, and put everyone, including your pet at ease. 

4. Add Dog-friendly Activities and Delights 

Another important section of our “Pet-friendly Thanksgiving” extravaganza is to keep our furry pals entertained and satisfied. For this, you can start by whipping up some tasty doggy delights like turkey jerky, pumpkin treats, or sweet potato bites- you know they’d be begging for more! Next, you can spice things up with those 🐾 pawsome activities like a pup parade, a game of fetch, a pup-friendly obstacle course, or even that good old belly rub session. Oh, the satisfaction and happiness it would bring to your little bubs.   

5. Thankful for Furbabies 

Of all things lovely, pets definitely hold one of the top positions on the list of aspects of our lives we are thankful for. This Thanksgiving, let’s thank our furry family members for existing in our lives and making it so much better. They bring us endless joy, hilarious antics, and unconditional love. Share your gratitude by cuddling up with them and whispering sweet nothings. After all, they’re the real stars of your life’s show, now aren’t they?

Pet-Friendly Reminders For Thanksgiving 

Apart from implementing the ideas from above, make your #petfriendlythanksgiving safe by taking care of the basic aspects that we have mentioned below. 

  • Do not forget to update the pet ID and collar way in advance 
  • See to it that the feast for humans is not offered to pets. Keep the section of pet food separate. 
  • Keep desserts away from paw’s reach 
  • Keep the trash tied and carefully dispose of it so your pet doesn’t get access to the leftovers. 
  • Do not skip the walk. 

So, there you have it, my friends! Thanksgiving is all about being grateful, and what’s more to be thankful for than our awesome pets? Follow these laid-back tips to ensure a pet-friendly Thanksgiving that everyone can enjoy. Let’s all give thanks for the love and companionship our pets bring into our lives. And remember, it’s okay if there’s a little extra pet hair in the stuffing – it’s just a sign that you’ve got a well-loved home. Happy Thanksgiving, fur baby style!

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