National Pet Wellness Month

While the entire world knows October as a month that has mostly to do with ghosts and goblins, for us pet parents, this month has another major significance as National Pet Wellness Month. Far less eerie this event might be, but in terms of importance, it is nowhere less. Every year, October comes to us as a reminder that we should take better care of our pets and be more aware of their wellness. This National Pet Awareness Month, we bring to you some tips and advice on how you can extend your pet’s life through optimal care. 

Tips to Boost Your Furball’s Health This National Pet Wellness Month

Tips for boost your pet health

1. Take Care of Their Diet and Supplements 

The first step towards keeping anyone healthy is by keeping a check on their daily diet and nutrition intake. Follow a healthy feeding schedule for your pet, and feed the food that is high in nutritive value with a lesser amount of unhealthy fat. Your pet’s food should meet the AAFCO standards. Check the labels of the food that you administer to your pet and avoid products that are high in fillers, calories, or protein by-products.

Apart from this, several supplements are rendered to offer the benefits of different minerals and vitamins. If you feel that your pet is not able to extract the optimum amount of nutrients from the food it takes, you can choose among these.

Take a look at Feli-Vit by Kyron, a premium vitamin, mineral, and protein supplement powder for cats.  

2. Make Regular Visits to the Vet 

Taking your pet for its regular check-up visits to the vet is just as important as scheduling your annual check-up visits to the doctor. Even if you think that your pet is in its best condition, you must take them to the vet for their overall full body check-up with the vet at least once every year. This would allow the vet to make sure that your pet is feeling well, and search for indications of any health issue that are best caught early.

Treatment and Preventive for free from parasties

3. Keep a Check on Pesky Pests 

One of the most important aspects when taking care of the wellness of your pet is to make sure that your pet is free from the clutches of pesky parasites. The pets are subjected to numerous types of pests which lead to various diseases and infections.

Thankfully, there are several treatment, control, and preventive options readily available in the market. The timely use of these products can effectively reduce the chances of your pet suffering from any of these pests. You can choose from a list of treatment and preventive options like: 

4. Spend Time With Them

While the physical health is of utmost importance, the mental health of your pet is nothing less. For them to have good mental health and a happier state of mind, your presence by their side is significant. Make sure that you spare at least some time of your everyday life to just sit back with your pet child and spend some time with them. This not only adds to their mental well-being; but also works a great deal in calming you down amidst your extremely busy and stressful schedules.

5. Offer Regular Exercise 

Regular exercise is a crucial part of your pet’s daily routine. Devote some time of the day every day to physical workouts. You don’t necessarily have to follow the mundane, typical exercise sessions, and they don’t necessarily have to be difficult and tedious. If you feel that the regular stroll around the neighborhood is more like a chore than a reward, by all means, play fetch with your pooch, or run an obstacle course together. If you have a feline friend, see what your cat prefers and accordingly set the play time for them.

6. Grooming is Just as Essential 

Regular grooming is highly beneficial in making you aware of various aspects of your pet. While grooming, you need to take care of three major aspects- regular trimming of the nails, oral and dental hygiene maintenance, and cleaning and grooming of fur. It will help you recognize a probable issue before it escalates. Products like Pet Dent Toothbrushes for dogs and cats, Dermoscent PYOclean Oto, and Pet Dent Oral Rinse are some pet hygiene products you can use for your canine and feline buddies.

7. Check What Treat You Give

While it might seem tempting and easy to feed table scraps and fatty treats, avoid doing it at all costs. For your pet to be healthy and strong, you must be mindful of what you feed them even as treats. Use treats for training, but only for special occasions. If you wish to reward your pet on a regular basis while maintaining their health, use fresh fruits and vegetables like carrots, green beans, strawberries, blueberries, etc.

8. Add the Benefits of Homeopathy

Homeopathy is one of the safest ways you can add the benefits of vitamins and minerals to your pet’s body. If by any chance you feel that the pet is not able to derive the required nutrients from its meal, the homeopathic supplements can come in handy to offer the missing benefits. Apart from vitamin and mineral supplements, there are several other homeopathic products like Dorwest Movewallia Supplement for joints, Dorwest Scent and Shine Shampoo for skin and coat, Ecovet immune liquid to support the immune system of pets, etc.


Our pets’ health and happiness are in our hands. There’s a reason why we are referred to as pet ‘parents’. These little beings need just as much care and attention as any child would need. This National Pet Wellness Month, let’s pledge to use the knowledge that we’ve gained today to make every day a wellness day for our pets, and celebrate many more coming years of joy, companionship, and unconditional love with our bubs!