Safety Tips to Follow for Your Pet on this Thanksgiving Holiday

Thanksgiving and pets go hand in hand and aren’t you thankful to your furry friend for their unconditional love and friendship. And during this holiday, you would definitely like to make it special celebrating it by cooking various kinds of platters, decorating a house, and making plans for travelling. But, in your full festive mood don’t forget to imply the pet safety tips for your furry friend for a memorable Thanksgiving Day celebration.

Food Safety

Along with chocolates, cakes, Turkey skin, drinks, there are many other food items that are quite harmful for your furry pal. Some of the ingredients used as stuffing like onions, scallions and garlic are toxic to dogs. Similarly, grapes and raisins used in salads are also on the list as they can lead to kidney failure. Moreover, Xylitol in sweets can turn out to be deadly to dogs.

Thus, make sure that all these food items do not reach to your pet’s mouth turning down the festive mood.

Kitchen Safety

Thanksgiving means a huge feast with families coming together for that special grandeur and prepare a huge platter. But you never know that your dog also turns to be eager to participate and have a look on what special dishes are cooking up. This may get them to those hot open ovens or stovetops causing burns or ending up to a disastrous situation.

So, why not just keep away you furry friend away from the whole cooking process giving them something engaging to play on.

Decoration Safety

Thanksgiving gathering means decorations, lights and lots of lighted candles around. But, have ever thought these decorative items can pose danger to your furry pal? Although it may be a source of happiness to both you and your pet, it can be dangerous for your pet. Usually, decorative lights when hanged around loosely can attract pets. And, they can really chew away those lights out of excitement leading to electric shock incidences. Likewise the festoons and small decorative items can choke them, if they just have these items in their mouth.

Therefore, it’s always better to hang all those decorative items at the level where your pup is unreachable. This way you have more to enjoy with your fur baby.

Trash Safety

Out of enthusiasm, usually dogs end up eating all the things from the trash, if you missed to close your trash can. Obviously, trash contains all sort of rubbish into it from your table scraps including those left out bones and turkey skin, festoon tit-bits, broken decorative items to some toxin materials and useless stuff. Anything from that trash can harm your furry pal ending up them to an emergency center.

It is always better not to forget closing that lid on your trash can.

Travel Safety

Without that car harness you dog may move around distracting you when you’re behind the wheels. This may cause at worst accidents which you can be avoided if have your dog intact with a harness. Moreover, don’t leave car window open for your dog to tuck his/her head out of the window that can put your pet into some danger. It is better that you don’t leave your dog unattended during travelling. And, if you’re aware of your pet’s travel anxiety than it would be better to put them on some anxiety medication like Homeopet Travel Anxiety. This keeps them relaxed and help to enjoy travelling on the Thanksgiving weekend.

So, better have a good pre-plan when travelling with your furry friend.

Well, you really want thanksgiving to be a perfect celebration with your furry friend. So, do follow these tips and take the safety measures to have a wonderful holiday with your pets and family.