Do you like to go on strolls with your dog in the evenings? Well, your dog does them too. Dogs cherish their outdoor moments and every walk is an exhilarating experience for them. The reason dogs love to go on a hike or a normal walk is because it is their instinctual behaviour. In the wilds, dogs used to explore things and walking was a part of their normal life. However, ever since they were brought home to pet years back, the sedentary life hasn’t given much scope for them to burn their extra energy properly. This has lead to implications like obesity, boredom, depression and aggression in dogs nowadays.

Dogs that don’t go out also have a territory demarcation habit which leads to anti-social behaviour against other pets in the vicinity. Therefore, walks are an essential part of keeping the canines mentally stable. Also, taking your dog on a beach, a park or simply for a walk down the lane brings a plethora of health benefits and aids in their overall social development. It is therefore necessary to reconsider the lifestyle you have been giving to your dog if it doesn’t involve walking or running yet.

Social Benefits Of Summer Dog Walks

  • Learn About The Environment

Taking a dog for a walk in summers to the beach or parks helps him connect with nature. In fact, puppies that are introduced to walking from a very young age are seen to have a better understanding of their surroundings. They comprehend different sounds, colours, texture in the nature way better than the dogs that have been in the social confinement most of their lives. Most such dogs that regularly go out also tend to be smarter, fitter and outgoing than their counterparts.

  • Get To Interact With Other Pets

When you take a dog to parks, they also get to interact with other pets which help them to rejoin the animal hierarchy and rejoice the pack nature intermittently. These regular communications with other pets also make them congenial and accepting in nature.

  • Improves Brain Function

Just like you get rejuvenated when you travel or go shopping, a walk down the street is equally energising for these furry pals. It stimulates the regeneration of brain cells and facilitates neural transmissions, which in turn enhances their grasping ability and memorizing power. With improved brain function they also understand and learn the commands easily.

  • Prevents Boredom and Depression

Most of the dogs whose parents leave them in the room for the whole day are also seen to suffer from boredom and restlessness. This leads to aggression, biting or even depression. When dogs don’t get to burn their energy, they get distressed and this leads to health and mental issues. Whereas, walking the dog every day helps ward off all these signs. They stay happy and live a healthier life.

  • Improves The Bond between You and Your Dog

Walking your dog every day also gives enough time for you and your dog to interact and spend quality time with each other. A walk a day not just keeps your dog happy but healthy as well. So, no matter how busy you are but if you routinely take out just 15-30 minutes of your time to walk your dog, trust us, your dog will love you for that. His entire day would be made and he would look forward to spend that happy hour with you.

  • Prevents Territorial Aggression and other Behavioral issues

It has been observed through several studies that dogs that go outdoors more often come out to be more civilized in nature. They don’t exhibit signs like biting, unnecessary barking or restlessness which dogs with mental and health issues exhibit. In fact, they respond well to their owner’s commands and are more obedient. Moreover, such dogs are comfortable in the company of other pets and also don’t show territorial aggression. Isn’t it worth pursuing then?


Early years of a dog’s life are very crucial. What they learn in their initial years, stays with them for the rest of their life. It is these years when dogs have the highest grasping power and hence they can learn a lot. Thus, the way they are raised during this span impacts the overall physical and mental development of the dogs. Therefore, make sure you nurture your dog well and pursue the habit of taking him out every day for that refreshing walk.

Remind yourself every day that your furry bundle is completely dependent on you for his well being. Not to mention, how regular walks are beneficial to human health. So, what are you still waiting for? Get going!