On the eve of Halloween, the whole of America would be remembering the saints, the deceased and the sacred ones. The festival is to honor the dead and is celebrated as ‘All Saints Day’ or ‘All Souls Day’. With pumpkin parties, Halloween dresses, prayers, candles and masses, the day marks the presence of dead. It is celebrated with a lot of fervor across the American continent.

PetCareSupplies famed for selling branded pet care products across America, announces a huge sale on the Halloween’s day. The company declares 7% discount on all orders. It suggests that Halloween is a time when people remember their loved ones including their dead pets. To commemorate the spirit of pet parenting they are announcing this sale.

“These days Halloween is not just an adult or teen event but is also a pet event. With people buying guises and dresses for pets, Halloween is a great time to pamper the pets. To add to the excitement of this day, we are giving 7% off on all products so that pets across America can become healthier and happier” said the team of PetCareSupplies.

By announcing this big sale, the company wants to take a step further in its vision of supporting animal wellbeing through branded pet supplies at affordable costs. The company has been famous for supplying top brands of animal pharmaceuticals including Merial, Pfizer, Bayer at the most cost effective prices. With an intention to make pet parenting and animal care easy and affordable, the firm announces hefty discounts on any and every order placed on the Halloween’s Day.