Pet parenting is best understood by the pet parents themselves. Therefore, to gauge their mood we had arranged an informal meeting of our old time customers to know their views about the job of pet parenting and what are the challenges they see when it comes to taking care of their dogs and cats in current times.

Pet Parents Think Of Pet

Excerpts of the meeting took place between our pet care supplies customers and our team.

Mr. Jake Williamson, Texas

‘‘Well! To me pet parenting is love between the pet and his pet parent as in the case of father and a child. The job of a pet parent is to take care of the pet, spend adequate time with him and visit vet for regular check-ups’’.

Ms. Sandra Pollock, Florida

‘‘The job of a pet parent is well defined by Mr. Williamson here that too in few words. However, I would like to add few more words. Pet parenting, I think is an everyday job. You cannot take it a season job. For example- If your work commitments required you to stay away from your pet, then you need to device ways to fill the gap between you and your pet. Remember pet parenting is never only about facilities, it is about deepening the connection between you and your pet.

(Pet Care Supplies product analyst and research member dropping a question)

What are the challenges, which you feel Mr. Murphy in front of pet parents today?

Mr. Murphy, New York

‘‘In my view apart from the new and old diseases, which a pet parent must be aware of, the biggest challenge in front of us – pet parents is time that we used to spend with our pets. Due to fast-paced life, we are spending a lot less time with our pets, which is not at all a healthy situation. At the same time emergence of new diseases is also a cause of concern for us’’.

Mr. Jake interrupting and adding his view..

‘‘I absolutely agree with what Mr. Murphy is saying. The problems of a pet and pet parenting are not just limited to fleas, ticks, and other diseases etc. The time a pet parent devotes to his pet is very important to create positive impressions in his mind’’.

Pet Care Supplies Member With Concluding Remark

‘‘Well, as we know that the job of pet parenting is full of fun and challenges. It is a thing, which cannot be defined but to be experienced. Apart from stocking essential pet supplies, make sure you spend adequate time with your pet and let there be more cherished moments with your pet in the days to come’’.

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