Pet Health And Wellness

Adopting a new pet can be as intimidating as it is exciting. Even if you already have one, two or more furry four-legged members in your home, taking care of them often comes along with plenty of questions. As pet lovers, we all want the best for our furry loved ones and strive to provide them everything they need to be happy and healthy. Just making sure their food bowl is full or that the dog is walked, and the litter box is scooped is only the routine care we take. Although we do the best for our pets, the daily hustle and bustle of life can make it easy to put health and wellness on the back burner.

 At Pet Care Supplies, as pet lovers, we believe in taking a proactive approach to care for every pet and sharing a quick guide and tips to help you promote health and wellness in your furry loved ones.


Examine your pet

Growth and improvements in the overall development of pets (dogs and cats) occur at a higher rate than humans, nearly 6 or 7 times faster. A comprehensive health check-up of your pet at a regular interval of 6 months every year allows you to find out health problems earlier and treat them more effectively. Regular examination of your pet’s health is like we humans going to the doctor every 2-3 years for a normal check-up. 


The most common and irritating problem for pets is Parasite! These parasites are not only irritating but can also pose a significant health risk to pet health. Luckily, prevention as well as treatment of these pests can be very simple if done right. By using flea and tick treatment and heartworm preventive suitable to your pet, you can keep your pet protected against parasites and harmful diseases such as heartworm disease, tick-borne illness, tapeworms and other intestinal health problems. Give preventatives as recommended by your vet and keep your pet safe and healthy.


Pet Vaccine

There are many health diseases that can put pets at serious and even sometimes life-threatening risk. Fortunately, some of these diseases can be prevented by providing significant vaccinations to pets as recommended by an expert veterinarian and keeping up-to-date on advised vaccinations. Speak to your vet and determine the vaccine plan that’s right for your furry loved one.   


Nutrition for Pet

Selecting nutritious food, counting calorie intake and promoting a healthy body weight is what all comes under providing healthy and proper nutrition to a pet. Right healthy food is like giving a preventative daily, it will boost your pet’s immune and helps them stay protected from diseases. Plus, it will provide the required nutrients for optimum growth and development for your pet. You can even help treat and manage some common health conditions like obesity, diabetes or joint problems with controlled and recommended diets by your veterinarian.


Dental Health

It is important to take good dental care to maintain healthy and hygienic oral health in pets. Dental problems may affect pets with serious diseases associated with medical problems like heart disease and kidney failure. You can reduce the frequency and severity of oral health problems in your pet by just taking a proactive approach to pet dental health such as tooth brushing or dental chews – made for professional cleanings. Make sure to discuss products or treatments with your vet before using them on your pet.


Proper grooming is a fundamental need for skin health that keeps a pet comfortable and clean. Bathing, ear cleaning and nail trimming help maintain healthy skin and a shiny coat. Nail trimming is also helpful in avoiding injuries that can occur with overgrown nails like splitting and breakage of nails. If you are wondering about the best grooming products, take a look at our extensive grooming product list here to keep your pet skin health blooming and always look good.

These are few things that can help you to be on the right track to taking the best care of your beloved pet. Take some time to be sure to provide proper care with a little more effort to keep your pet happy, healthy and active for all the coming years.