Bringing home a four-legged buddy can give you immeasurable happiness. The addition of a lil pup in your family can be wonderful. However, with fun and companionship, there come responsibilities for pet parents to keep their dog healthy. Canines completely rely on you when it comes to their health and hygiene. Therefore, whether you are a first-time adopter or an experienced pet parent, it is imperative to be meticulous about your Fido’s health.

If you’re planning to adopt a pet or already have one, these are the things you need to pay heed to in order to maintain your Fido’s overall health.

Oral Health

Oral hygiene plays a major role in maintaining the overall well-being of your pooch. Many times pet parents might seem to be liberal when it comes to their pet’s oral hygiene. Thus, the lack of vigilant care may be a reason why the majority of dogs exhibit certain evidence of dental issues. So, make sure to check your dog’s mouth regularly in order to avoid serious mouth infections. To prevent any oral diseases, you can use Pet Dent Oral Rinse, Pent Dent Toothpaste, and Pet Dent Finger Brush for dogs.

Skin Care

Dogs generally suffer from skin associated issues, which cause itching and scratching. It can be caused due to a variety of factors such as food allergies, seasonal allergies, and flea allergies. Itching in dogs can be miserable and requires immediate treatment. If your pup suffers from skin conditions, you can use Skin and Itch Relief for dogs and HP Cream for dogs. Moreover, dogs being curious and explorer by nature are prone to get wounds as they roam around or play outdoors. That’s when pet parents can rely on products such as Wound Gard for Dogs and Dermavet for Dogs. Check your pet’s skin regularly in order to avoid any wound, infections, or allergic reactions.

Coat Care

A healthy coat displays the sign of a healthy dog. Their fur is what you can flaunt, but it requires diligent maintenance. Frequently brushing your dog can result in shedding. Furthermore, different dog coats demand different care and products. Dogs possess a long coat, dark coat, rough and dull coat, sensitive coat, and more. Therefore, it is essential to use a suitable product to nourish and maintain your pup’s coat. There’s a range of Frontline Pet Care products including Frontline Pet Care Long Coat, Frontline Pet Care Dark Coat for dogs, Frontline Pet Care Odour Control For Dogs, and Essential 6 for dogs to keep your pet well-groomed.

Parasitic Prevention and Control

Parasites such as fleas and ticks are ubiquitous creatures. Therefore, it is imperative for pet-parents to be vigilant about providing flea preventions. Doing so will help to avoid your pet to suffer from flea and tick infestations as it may also cause fatal flea and tick-borne diseases. The good news is that there are a plethora of products available in the market that pet parents can choose to protect their pets from fleas and ticks. Some of the best flea and tick preventives for your dogs include Frontline Plus for dogs, Advantage for dogs, and Seresto collar for dogs.

Protection from Worms

Worms come in different shapes and sizes such as roundworms, hookworms, whipworms, and tapeworms. Worms are potentially deadly parasites that can affect your dog’s body if left untreated or unprotected. Therefore, it is imperative for pet parents to know that the most common worms in dogs can make him sick. But the good thing to know is some of the best wormers available in the market include Endogard for dogs, Popantel for dogs, and Panacur oral suspension for dogs to protect your pup from worms and help to maintain his overall health.

Diet and Exercise

It is important to make sure to provide a complete diet that covers all the nutritional needs of your pet instead of just feeding him complimentary snack treats. The nutritional needs of your Fido keep changing. Therefore, you need to provide the appropriate diet as it is all about giving nutritious food to your dog as per his body needs. Moreover, make sure to keep your pet active and healthy with daily walks and exercises. Also, have yearly check-ups to get the proper guidance.

Eye and Ear Care

Dogs are prone to get numerous health problems if pet parents don’t pay heed to their well-being. Ear mites are among those tiny creatures that your dogs deal with. So, it is crucial for pet parents to know how ear mites can detriment their dog’s well-being. To protect your pup from ear mites, you can use CleanEar, Malacetic Otic Ear, Illium Ear Drops, and Frontline Pet Care Ear Cleaner for dogs. Moreover, consider to check your pet’s eyes on a regular basis and look for unusual swelling or discharge. To protect your Fido’s adorable eyes, use Frontline Pet Care Eye Cleaner, and Kyro eyewash for dogs.

Above all, make sure to take regular vaccination from your vet in order to protect your pet from getting fatal diseases. Furthermore, the pet parents very well know to care for their pup with all the love and pampering. So, love your pet the same way to maintain his overall health.