Frontline Plus for dogs

Fleas and ticks have been known to harm a pet’s health. Over time, pet parents have realized the importance of protecting their beloved pets from these deadly pests. However, with so many flea and tick treatments on the market today, it can be difficult for pet parents to choose the right option. However, of many, Frontline Plus has paved its way into one of the most reliable flea and tick treatments for dogs and cats:

How often should I apply Frontline Plus for dogs during tick season?

FRONTLINE PLUS FOR DOGS should be applied every 2 weeks for control of paralysis ticks on dogs, or every month for control of brown dog ticks.

Is Frontline Plus water-resistant?

Yes, indeed. FRONTLINE PLUS is a water-resistant formula. It’s fine to bathe your pet before applying FRONTLINE PLUS, just make sure the coat is fully dry. Do not bathe, shampoo, or allow your dog to swim for the first 48 hours after treatment. From 24 hours after treatment, cats can be bathed.

Can I reapply Frontline Plus if my dog or cat has more fleas soon after treatment?

No. For a month, FRONTLINE PLUS works successfully against fleas. If your pet has fleas and has been properly handled with FRONTLINE PLUS, it will be free from the parasites.

Is Frontline Plus a flea repellent?

No. Fleas are only killed by FRONTLINE PLUS when they come into contact with the active ingredients on your pet’s coat. Unfortunately, no product exists on the market that repels fleas or destroys ticks instantly. Regardless of which flea control product is used, fleas must hop onto treated pets to come into contact with the active ingredient to get destroyed.

Can I share a single pipette between more than one dog or cat if I buy a larger size?

Pipettes should never be shared amongst dogs. To provide optimum flea and tick protection for dogs and cats, use the appropriate pipette size for each pet. You will also need to ensure that they obtain the correct dosage.

Can I use the Frontline Plus for cats on my dogs or Frontline Plus for dogs on my cat?

The products FRONTLINE PLUS FOR CATS and FRONTLINE PLUS FOR DOGS are not interchangeable. Make sure you’re using the right product for your dog or cat.

My pet has licked the Frontline Plus, will it be ok?

If licking occurs soon after application, the solution can cause a brief period of hyper-salivation. The symptom is normally transient. 

 Where do I store my Frontline Plus?

Before using FRONTLINE PLUS, always check the expiration date on the product label

It should be stored below 30°C (room temperature). Refrigeration is not recommended.

How do I apply Frontline Plus?

  • Remove the child-resistant kit from the Frontline Plus applicator. You can snip the foil with scissors or pull the tab to remove the applicator.
  • Snap-open the tip of the Frontline applicator – away from your body and face.
  • Part your pet’s hair between the shoulder blades so the skin can be seen, then put the applicator’s tip on the skin.

 I’ve just started using Frontline Plus. When will my pet’s flea infestation be gone?

FRONTLINE PLUS is a flea treatment for dogs and cats that spreads over their coat in 24 hours and keeps fleas away for a month. Fleas that land on your pet will be killed right away.

How does Frontline Plus work?

FRONTLINE PLUS’ active ingredients work together to break the flea life cycle at every point. A single ingredient kills adult fleas on your pet. The other ingredient prevents fertile eggs from being laid as well as larval and pupal development, ensuring that your pet is not infested again and that your home is not infected.

Can Frontline Plus be used on pets other than cats or dogs?

No, only dogs and cats can use FRONTLINE PLUS.

Do I need to apply Frontline Plus to all of my dogs and cats?

To eliminate flea infestations and household infection, all dogs and cats in the household should be administered with FRONTLINE PLUS at the same time. If even one pet is not handled, fleas on that pet will deposit viable flea eggs in your home. Flea eggs hatch into adult fleas, which can re-infest any of your pets.

How long before and after bathing my pet should I apply Frontline Plus?

Before using FRONTLINE PLUS, make sure your pet is completely dry. After applying FRONTLINE PLUS to your dog, wait at least 48 hours before bathing or shampooing him. Your pet can be bathed 24 hours after application.

What shampoo is best for my pets when using Frontline Plus?

Use a gentle, soap-free pet shampoo, such as FRONTLINE PET CARE. Avoid using other insecticides, human shampoo, or anything else that strips oils from your pet’s hair or skin.

Before deciding on any pet treatment, it’s always a good idea to check with your veterinarian.