You have a family of cat lovers who are desperate to add a new little kitty in the household. In addition, you have young children, which make you worried about how the kids will take the arrival of new furry pet. If these concerns are creeping in your mind now then just relax. You can make a choice between the various breeds of cats and choose the one, which is kid-friendly. This is an easy task but still needs a thorough study about various breeds of cats.

Some of the kid-friendly cat breeds are:

Ragdoll: As the name suggests these kitties just drop their limbs when you hold them and that is why they are called ragdolls. The best part we can make out from their behavior is that they show full trust in their human companion and thus let go of their body weight. These felines love to be cuddled and have a calm and composed nature. They are a relaxed breed that enjoys gentle playing. This makes them an ideal companion for young kids and toddlers. Their colorful appearance attracts kids and they love these furry chaps like anything.

American Curl: This unique breed has an innate nature of loving kids. Felines belonging to this crop actually enjoy spending time with kids rather than their adult human companions. Their distinguishing feature is their curled ears, which gives them the name American curl. These cats are muscular and energetic and indulge in two-sided games. You do not need to worry about cat health when you have this strong yet agile furry companion playing with your kid. She would give your kid best company while playing and running around.

Maine Coon: These colorful cats are attractive in demeanor. Their tufted ears and wide range of colors make them an attractive pet for the kids. Their genuine nature of loving human company and entertaining them in the absence of others makes them an ideal friend for the kids. They will never leave your kids alone and will follow them wherever they go. Their bonding is also very strong with the entire family making them an ideal pet. If you are bringing a Maine Coon kitty at home then you will not be disappointed at all.

Siamese: These deeply affectionate cats with shining blue eyes look gorgeous and would become the most captivating member of your family. They are warm hearted in indulge in all the lovey-dovey play with the kids. These sociable cats like to converse with their owners by producing various sounds and thus will never make your kid feel lonely. With proper training, they easily play fetch games with children. In addition, these Siamese felines have a strong sense of self and would have an opinion about everything that comes to their sight. She can be a doting member for toddlers and young kids.

Bombay: These cats have dark coats and golden eye and resemble panther in many ways. The best part is that it is very hard to give stress to these felines. This makes them excellent companion for young kids and toddlers who may not even know how to handle cats. They are very cuddling in nature but also enjoy game sessions, which make them a matchless four-legged partner for the kids. These are truly curious cats and love to be in the company of kids. They would be best game mates and caring companions for your kids.

Exotic: If you are a busy parent then cats of this breed are the best choice of pets for you as they do not need too much of grooming. Moreover, their kind and relaxed personality makes them friendly with kids at home. Their finest trait is their flawless juggling between sleepy cuddling and exotic gaming times. They enjoy both and so can suit the temperament of all kids. In addition, your worries about cat health would subside when you have these ‘grooming free’ kitties at home.

Birman: These attention grabbers would be a perfect addition for a large family with more children. These are very friendly cats and are quite vocal in nature. They would entertain you with their mewing and are highly adaptable with their human companions. Their point colored appearance makes them look very catchy and kids are naturally drawn towards them. Very cute, these kitties would become an enjoyable part of the family.

To sum up, choose the right breed of cats for your kids and family. When you have kids in the family, make sure that you choose cats and kittens that are energetic yet relaxed, playful yet patient and attractive yet kid-friendly.

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