Bravecto-1 Month Chew

Fleas and ticks are external parasites that commonly affect companion animals including dogs. Parasite infection can occur anywhere in the woods or when they come in contact with infected pets. These tiny creatures can make your beloved pet’s life a misery, causing itching and redness of the skin. Tick infestations can also lead to tick-borne diseases that can have a toll on canine’s health. Fortunately, you can protect your dog from all these troubles by providing them with flea and tick treatment which will not only take care of the existing parasites but will also prevent future infestations.

Dogs are adorable, they are a blessing but they need more attention when it comes to their well-being and health. Choosing a flea and tick treatment for a dog is no easy task, not every treatment works on puppies. This is when Bravecto-1 Month Chew comes to rescue. Bravecto-1 Month is a highly effective flea and tick treatment that is safe for puppies.

In this blog, we will take you through insights on this chewable treatment. Read through to know more:

What is Bravecto-1 Month Chew?

Bravecto-1 Month is a chewable treatment that offers protection from fleas and ticks in dogs and puppies for a month. It is formulated with fluralaner to kill adult fleas and ticks and at the same time, control re-infestation in dogs that are 8 weeks of age and older, and weigh at least 4.4 lbs. This oral treatment is effective in killing four kinds of ticks including American dog tick, black legged tick, and brown dog tick. Subsequently, it will also prevent tick borne disease in dogs. Bravecto-1 month also aids in treatment and control of lone star tick infestations but only when the puppy is 6 months of age or older with bodyweight 4.4 lbs and above.

How it works?

Bravecto 1 month is composed of fluralaner that falls in isoxazoline group of treatments. It kills fleas and ticks by attacking their nervous system. After the treatment is administered to dogs, it will dissolve and travel through the bloodstreams and will get stored in fatty tissue below dog’s skin. When a flea or a tick bites the canine, fluralaner attacks the parasites and kills them. The formulation builds a protective layer on dog’s skin internally.

Directions of Use

Bravecto 1 –Month is a flavorful oral treatment that makes administration easy. One can directly administer the chewable into dog’s mouth or break it in smaller pieces to mix in their food. While administering the chewable ensure that the dog eats the entire dose. Only one chew should be administered per dog per month.

The treatment with Bravecto-1 month can begin at any time of the year and should be continued all year long to keep dogs and puppies always protected from fleas and ticks.

Pack Sizes

Bravecto 1-Month Chew works effectively in dogs including small puppies as young as 8 weeks old and weighing 4.4 lbs and more. It offers right amount of fluralaner that treats fleas and ticks in dogs. To get the best efficacy, it is required to choose an appropriate pack as per dog’s body weight.

Following below are four pack sizes of Bravecto-1 Month for different dog weight:

Bravecto 1 Month Chew for Toy Dogs 4.4 to 9.9 lbs (Yellow)

Bravecto 1 Month Chew for Small Dogs 9.9 to 22 lbs (Orange)

Bravecto 1 Month Chew for Medium Dogs 22 to 44 lbs (Green)

Bravecto 1 Month Chew for Large Dogs 44 to 88 lbs (Blue)

Product Highlights

  • Prevents re-infestation: Bravecto-1 Month flea and tick treatment provides one month of protection from flea and tick infestations in dogs and puppies.
  • Kills existing fleas: Bravecto-1 month is proven efficient in killing existing fleas within 12 hours and existing ticks with 48 hours of administration.
  • Treats fours tick species: Bravecto-1 Month is effective against for tick species including Black-legged tick, brown tick, American tick and lone star tick(for 6 months and older puppy)
  • Safe for puppies: The chewable can be administered to dogs as young as 8 weeks of age, weighing 4.4 lbs and more.
  • Suitable for all breeds: The chewable treatment can be administered to all dog breeds and sizes.
  • Easy to administer: Bravecto-1 Month is a flavoured chewable treatment that makes it easy to administer to dogs and puppies. For more convenience, it can be administered with dog food too.

Bottom Line

Bravecto-1 Month Chewable treatment offers a safe, convenient and efficient approach to treat fleas and ticks in dogs and puppies. Buying Bravecto-1 Month will not be just another purchase for your pet but an investment on their wellbeing and happiness.