People who are pet parents are pretty well equipped with the pet calendar. But there are times when we tend to forget certain special days. And we don’t blame you at all because there are too many special days to remember. Anyway, speaking of special days, let us talk about a certain important week for animals. That’s right, we are talking about Animal Rights Awareness Week. This is an important week for animals including our pets. And in this blog, we will throw more light on this special week as well as tell you ways in which you can be a part of it.

What Is The Animal Rights Awareness Week About?

As the name suggests, it is a special and important week for raising awareness regarding animal rights. It came into existence so that people can be educated about the basic needs of animals all around the globe. Moreover, it also teaches us to be kind and compassionate and loving towards all animals. Also, it gives us an opportunity to learn about certain stuff including how to put a stop to animal abuse and what not! This year, Animal Rights Awareness Week is slated for June (20th to 26th June 2021).

How To Help And Be A Part Of This?

There are literally many ways in which any one of you can help and be a part of Animal Rights Awareness Week. We’ve listed a few ways below.

#1. Volunteer Or Support Animal Charity

If you are pretty eager to be a part of the Animal Rights Awareness Week, then you can consider giving some of your time to your local animal charity. You can volunteer to help out the charity by organizing a special sale or maybe a walk-a-thon. Moreover, you can also support the charity by donating in whatever way possible.

#2. Spread The Word To Prevent Overpopulation

As most of you know, millions and millions of cats and dogs are born every single day. And it is obvious, there are not enough homes available to take care of them. So spreading the word in your community can at least help reduce the number of homeless pets.

#3. Adopt A Pet; Do NOT Shop

Each year millions of pets are euthanized all over the world because people shop rather than adopt pets. If you purchase a puppy from a pet shop, they generally come from a farm (which is an inhumane commercial breeding facility) that breeds pets for the purpose of selling them. Over there, they are most likely living in bad and difficult conditions. On the other hand, if you opt for the other option (which is adopting), you are basically saving a life and helping in providing a better life for them. So yes, adopt and not shop for pets.

That’s a wrap for now! But make sure you spend some time thinking about all the animals all over the world. Try your best to do whatever it takes to spread the word about Animal Rights Awareness Week. Together we can make this world a much better place for humans as well as animals.