A final summer party is knocking your doors… Yes…Labor Day is around the corner! Hurray! You definitely must be excited, arent you? Backyard pool parties, picnics, camping, beaches, rock and roll, scrumptious food…..OMG, lots to do! This is the feeling you must be getting, right?? It is good to stay elated but, do not forget to attend to your Fido. Fun time for us often becomes a hard time for our pets. In the midst of all that party and fun, you hardly get time to watch your dog which is why cases of their injuries and uncalled accidents staggeringly increase. Cases of escape are the most frequent in such long party-filled weekends. So, here are some tips to keep your dog safe and let him enjoy as well while you party hard with your friends and family.

Dog Safe over Labor Day Weekend

Labor Day Safety Tips for Dogs

Keep Your Guests Aware
This is the first thing you must do if you are planning to call your friends or family to spend the weekend with you. Whosoever is coming over to your place must be informed about the food allergies your dog has so they don’t end up choking your dog.

Be Watchful of Your Fido
You should keep an eye on him all the time. When there is a party at home, dogs get easy access to things that they shouldn’t be eating at all. So, it is important to keep those food items hidden away from his sight. Sometimes kids can even leave chocolate tit bits on the floor. If the dog eats them, which they usually do, can land them in hospital. So, watch out what goes into his mouth. Corn cobs, meat fat and many other such things can instantly make the dog sick so better throw it in the trash and keep it covered.

Keep Him Hydrated
A sunny day can be dehydrating for dogs. Keeping a bucket full of water for him to drink is the best way you can ensure he stays hydrated all day long. Heat strokes can cause severe dehydration in Fido so to avoid landing up in trouble, do not forget this stint.

Apply Sunscreen
UV rays don’t just harm us but also our pets. They can cause skin cancer in dogs as well. So, if you have planned an outing to a beach for this Labor day and you are taking your dog along, make sure you apply sunscreen to your pet as well. This goes for picnics and backyard parties too, which are usually outdoors.

Calm His Anxiety
Some dogs become very anxious, disturbed and scared when they see so many strangers together. In that case, keep a calming diffuser handy and switch it on where the dog is hiding. Attend him time and again so he feels better. Give him treats when he feels perturbed. You can also purchase Thundershirt if anxiety is that big a problem for him.

Tie a Collar with an ID around His Neck
Vacation time is the worst when puppies get lost or adult dogs escape from the place. Having an ID attached with a collar can help the cops identify him just in case he escapes or goes missing in the mob while traveling.

Keep Him on Preventatives
Summer time is a flea and tick season, we all know very well. This makes it imperative to protect your Fido from these parasites when he goes out with you on a camp or travels to a different state or just to a picnic spot where these parasites could be lurking to feed on his blood.

Definitely, you must be full of spirits to welcome Labor’s day weekend with crazy plans. However, in all this excitement and hustle–bustle that’s going to follow, do not forget to attend your furry friend who needs your attention the most. More so, because at parties dogs go crazy over stuffing themselves up with unwanted stuff which lands them into trouble. Continuously feed him fruits and veggies so he doesn’t reach out for poisonous things. And do not forget his meds.

So, stay safe and keep your Fido safe. Prevent holiday hazards in dogs by contributing your bit. Start with home!

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